My Sweet Indomie Weekend

Saturdays are mostly always very boring for me, I sleep the entire day most of the time, but on this particular Saturday, sleep was not possible for me, the heat was unbearable, and there was no hope for PHCN ever bringing the light.

Several weeks ago PHCN officials had come to disconnect houses that owed electricity bills and one particular boda shaggy had broken bottle on the head of one of the officials, his colleagues had carried him away with blood pouring from his head amidst the jubilation from the people in the area.

90 Good Night Love Message for Her | Romantic Messages | Goodnight Messages for Her or for Him

These are my Romantic Messages to say Goodnight to her, Romantic Messages for my Darling, Good night Message for her, these 99 goodnight messages have been carefully and lovingly selected to serenade her, you'll certainly love them too


#Goodnight Message for Her

14 Message to My Love | Messages to My Love

Sweet Message of love to My Love, to the one that holds me dear I love you dearly, to the one that loves me dearly I hold you dearly, from now till forever my message to my love will stay the same

Thank You Messages & Wishes for Birthday

Thank you birthday message

I wish you many more years

As you celebrate getting older over the years

I wish you many more cheers

As your life gets better in coming years

Best Friend Birthday Messages/Wishes

Best Friend Birthday Messages

My superfly friend happy birthday

i wish you a superfly day may you enjoy your day

may the years ahead of you be superfly

may you fly high like an eagle no longer like a butterfly

The Hookup I Will Never Forget

After drinking all night with my guys and frolicking with barely dressed girls in the club, i finally decided to go home, it was 3:00 am and i was very drunk, i picked one of the girls that had been by my side all night in the club, as drunk and Leary eyed as i was, my eyes were clear enough to choose from among the girls, the one that had the biggest breast, she was allover me and soon enough i knew i was going to b

My Valentine Story (The Stranger At The Beach)

It was the 14th of February of a very wonderful year, like every valentines day, most girls are always excited about the many gifts they would receive from their boyfriends, well I didn't share in the excitement because I had no boyfriend and I had no gift expectation from nobody, but I was not any less excited, I was single and I was enjoying every bit of it, but all that changed in the space of a very short time, a

Cool Romantic Goodmorning Love Messages For Her or Him

I love you not for your beauty or style
But for that which would last for a while
Through ups and downs and when you can’t smile
For you I will go the extra mile

Sweet Romantic Poems | Romantic Words for Her

Sweet Poems, Sweet Words for Her, Say I Love You Sweetly

We belong together

Undying love binds us together

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