Classic Romantic Love Messages to Express My Feelings to Her

What you'll find on this website, is a comprehensive compilation of the best and most romantic FEELINGS MESSAGE, this messages have been professional written and are not just EMOTIONAL TEXT MESSAGES, feel free to share with your loved ones.

1. Never friendless
never to leave you friendless
you take my breath away am breathless
i treasure you like a gem so priceless
I'll do anything for you am fearless
forever yours am choice less

2. Your love got me doing gymnastics
I love you even without the cosmetics
Believe me this is no gimmicks
Forget the heartbreaks statistics
Ready to do the love mathematics
One plus one will equals to one
You my dear is the one

3. You my dear is the one
you my dear is the price that I won
You my dear is the best you are my number one
I got no number two you are the only one
My superstar my ultimate champion
My love, outstanding like an elegant stallion
My soul mate my best friend my tireless champion
I believe in your love like an unbeatable battalion
Fierce love I got for you like a lion
My love for you is strong like an iron
Unshakable love unmoveable like mount Zion
Am impressed by your love like a hot pressing iron
My one and only my one in a million

4. How I won your heart I don’t know
My heart is yours to keep that I know
Ready to let the whole world know
How much I love you

5. My Feelings For You Shows in In my eyes
My love for you it shows in my eyes
my confession of love is not lies
to love you now always and forever
this I promise you am not a deceiver

6. You are the flame on my love candle
You light up my life you make me feel alive
Can’t let go of you
You are the pool in which I want to dive till I breathe my last
You alone will be my friend for life

7. French kiss you like we live in Paris
That’s what I wanna do to you
My sweet boo I miss you don’t tarry
I just wanna be yours forever
It’s you I wanna marry

8. Perfect love like number seven
Sweetest gift you are
You are sent from heaven
I’m odd sometimes but you make my life even
Just wanna make our union happen

9. I choose you in the midst of many
It’s my decision I can’t regret it
Still glad I choose you for this am happy
The day I met you I can’t forget it
Can’t break your heart never forget it

10. Why I love you so much I don’t know
The end of my love for you, you’ll never know
For it will never end
Best friends till the very end

11. Rare gem
You are a priceless rare gem
never to toy with you; you are different
never to compare you with them
among the rest I choose you
You are better than the rest i love you

12. I see love in your eyes
you come close you give me butterflies
I can’t explain this
yet I don't want to lose this
I just want to say this
I love you for real never to change this

13. Sleep is gone from my eyes
Like a flower garden with no butterflies
I miss you see the tears in my eyes
I love you close I hate goodbyes
My boo my darling I miss the love in your eyes


13. Anything I need to do
To indeed show how much you matter to me I’ll do
Everything I need to give
To show all I have is yours, I’ll give

14. Nothing is too much to do
To express my love to you
I find completeness in you
My other half is you
The one I love and want to share life with is you
My life makes better sense with you

15. Your love is music to my soul
You complete me you make me whole
What I must do to keep you I will do
I love you I really do


Life sometimes gets lonely

Finding someone to share life with is a gift not a privilege

I appreciate you choosing to share life with me

You have been a wonderful gift to me


I said never again
but am in love again
you've shown me love again
now am in love all over again
love is all there is to gain
i hope to never cry again

Memories of love shared with you can’t be forgotten

The pain of my past are all forgotten

I have found true love in you

i love you and I want to be the best friend of you


From January to December

Our love stays bright like Xmas light in December

How your love won my heart I still remember

You mean the world to me this you should always remember


Rain or shine I stay close to you closer than a brother

Bright or dark you will remain my sweetness

I will love you like no other


Your love swept me off my feet

It’s no wonder

Your absence makes my heart go fonder

Till I breathe my last my love for you will never fade


I remain yours sincerely

My body my all is yours completely

No going back on my commitment

Am yours till the end


love lifted me
when heartbreak depressed me
love was all you showed me
now am glad you found me
I love you as much as you love me


I found you I found love
like a gift from God above
you are dear to me i place no one above
except God who gave you me from above
like a mother to her child so is our love

When I said I do

I did because I will always do

I do love you like I did when I first said I do

I still do and will always do everything needed to keep being your sweet boo


I shiver even in the sun

When am without you

My life without you is incomplete when my other half is you

I love you boo and I’ll forever do


Hold my hands tell me you love me

Look into my eyes tell me you will never leave me

For I love you with every fiber of me


To leave you lonely am not capable

My complete joy is to see you happy

That you remain happy is my priority

Keep smiling and smile on you are always loved by me


What you feel I feel

I connect with you and our heart beats as one

Your joy is my joy, my soul mate is you


Like nectar and butterflies
like the birds in the skies
like the morning and sunrise
so is you and i
I love the love i see in your eyes

I’m drenched in the pouring rain of your love over me

You bring out the best in me

And how you love me is so beyond me

God has indeed been good to me

For given you to me, the sweetest lover of me


I want you to stay

For my love is indeed here to stay

For you this I pray

That your strength fails you not

That your dreams and aspirations fail not

When you have and when you have not

May your strength to smile depart you not


Honey you are my shining star

You shine with the brightness of a million stars

So glad that you are mine

Priceless treasure of a gold mine

I remain yours sincerely


You are dearly loved by me

Greatly appreciated by me

How you stay has a sweet lover of me

Bring tears to these very eyes of me

I love you from the very depth of this heart of me


Even though we fight I can’t forget your sweetness

You have being a source of strength in my weakness

I pray God bless you beyond your imagination

Enlarge you beyond your anticipation

I love you sincerely God is my witness


I just want to say i do to you
I just want to tell the world am in love with you
your heart is my home
I just want to be with you
this is love like heaven
we are perfect like number seven

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