14 Message to My Love | Messages to My Love

Message to My Love

1. Sweet Message of love to My Love,
to the one that holds me dear I love you dearly,
to the one that loves me dearly I hold you dearly
from now till forever my message to my love will stay the same

2. From my heart I send you this message you my love
from deep within me I want you to know you are my ultimate love
no one means to me the way you do
no one matters to me the way you do

3. lover like no other deserves a message of love like no other
sweetheart like no other deserves the best loving like no other
babe like no other deserves caring like no other
whether near or far I will always love like I will love no other

4. My heart answers when your heart call unto mine
my body answers when your body calls unto mine
I will forever be yours as you will forever be mine
my message of love to you is that you forever shine

5. This time forever we'll be together
from now till forever you and I will remain together
till the day after forever my love for you will last
forever and a day our love will stay steadfast

6. My heart is filled with messages of love to my lover
my heart beats with a message of love to my love like no other
my heart syncs with yours we are joined like Siamese born together
my heart belongs to you now, today and forever

7. like a long lost message in a bottle from a lover
so will my message of love travel to you it will not tire
like the longing of a damsel to her long lost lover
so will my heart yearn for you it will not tire
like fuel to a fire let this message to my love light up our fire

8. My heart yearns for you like one longs for a lost lover
I long for you like I am in a dry place and I need water
I'm like a flower you make me grow you are my water
you mean the world to me a lover like no other
this is my message to my love my sweet cocoa butter

9. Like a message from a lover from another side of the world
your words warm my heart you are the very center of my world
like a message from a lover you have not seen like forever
your words gladden my heart you alone will be my soulmate forever

10. My love for you drives me like a Ferrari
I'm so in love it's you I choose to marry
my love for you fills my heart it's your thought alone it carries
I'll love you forever and a day and in my heart shall you dwell for as long as our absence tarries

11. I love him he makes my heart beat in melodious rhythm
he loves me he chose me among many my heart belongs to him
like sweet messages from the mouth of a sweet lover
you have me spellbound I'm your prisoner keep me in chains forever

12. I love her like the apple of my eyes I adore her
I love her like the Lilly of my valley I'll protect her
I lover her like the love of my life I'll never leave her
I love her like the breath that I breathe I'll forever need her

13. I'll be the 13 to your 14 you can be February I'll be the 14th
the smile on my face the laughter on my lips your love powers it all underneath
my body my money belongs to you my honey to you all of it I bequeath

14. Deep is the love I have for you my wife I hope this message conveys it deeply
Deep is my commitment to you my wife I hope this message conveys it clearly
I need you more than life itself my deep love for you clearly shows it
I love you more than I love me my strong affection for you is a clear testament of it

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