Captured On The Street Of Lagos (How I Escaped)

As soon as I entered the bus the conductor shut the door, it was then I looked around the bus and nothing looked out of place, I sat down directly behind the driver, two men chatting loudly with each other sat down in the two seats beside the driver, two men sat beside me, the seat behind me was occupied by two good looking ladies, they seem not to know each other as both of them neither looked at each other nor chatted, they both were lost in their individual thought, the bus wasn't filled to capacity, I and the female ladies were the only female in the bus an elderly man and a much younger man sat in the back seat of the bus, I did all this assessment in the space of five seconds that I looked around the bus.

I brought out my blackberry phone to attend to the various pings and messages I had received, I was still in the middle of typing a message to my best friend kike when suddenly I started feeling drowsy and weak, I looked up to see that the men in the front had stop chatting and were both looking at me, my vision was not focused and the two appeared as four, I looked behind to see one of the ladies behind me was looking rather limp in the manner she hung her head on the closed window of the bus, the other lady was staring at me, with my last reserve consciousness I turned to look at my phone, the notification indicator was blinking wildly, I could not continue the message I was typing to send to my best friend but I was able to type ‘help’ and I pressed send before I passed out.

I woke up with a start and my immediate reaction was to scream but I could not as I was gagged with a foul smelling piece of only God knows what, my hands were tied behind my back as well as my legs, I couldn't see anything as I was blindfolded, I was completely immobile as I lay on my side, I felt like a tuber of yam lying on the kitchen floor about to be slaughtered, perhaps this is how being a yam actually feels like, I perceived the other two ladies were also in the same state as I was, though I didn’t see them, but i could sense i was not the only one in the room

The room we were in must have been a hut, not that i was sure or if it even mattered, in my mind I tried to picture were we could be and how far out of Lagos we must have been taken, the journey was supposed to be just thirty minute (from mile two to oshodi oke) and I was supposed to be having an outing with my best friend kike, I thought of my younger ones, my troublesome younger sister, how I had shouted at her earlier in the day and I wondered if she will miss me at all, I thought of my mum, I thought of how heartbroken she will be when they find out I had gone missing, I thought of…
I was jostled out of my thought by the sound of people coming towards the room we were in, I quickly pretended to still be unconscious, I heard the voice of three men, I recognized two voices as those of the men that were chatting beside the driver in the bus, but I did not recognize the third, he was being told to decide which one of us he wanted as the second customer was soon to be around to make is selection, he asked if he was going to get the private part as well as the breasts saying the head wasn't going to be enough to complete the ritual he needed to do, I shuddered were I lay and I didn't dare make a sound, I was completely paralyzed by fear, he finally declared he wanted the one wearing red top, I quickly tried to remember the color of the top I was wearing but I could not remember, but I soon knew I was not wearing red as the other lady was carried out of the room, the room was soon quiet.

It was then tears rolled down my eyes, knowing I was about to die in the hands of another human, about to be slaughtered like an animal to satisfy the devilish lust of another man for money, the tears came down like it was the first rain after a long dry season, I never got the chance to tell henry how much I love him, I never even gave him the chance t talk to me. I heard footsteps now, then the voices, the two voice I recognized, I was weeping and shaking uncontrollably now, I heard the third voice saying "is this the last one?" the two men answered "yes, the last one for the rituals" The sound of the third voice instantly stopped my tears, I recognized the voice, I knew the voice, it was a very familiar voice, I was too shaken by fear to fully place the voice, I was dragged roughly to my feet by the two young men, my blindfold was removed and I was immediately standing face to face with the third man, the customer, the man who needed me to be used as a ritual to satisfy his lust for money and the man turned out to be my father, my own daddy.I Fainted


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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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