The Girl of My Dreams

I decided to take a stroll to a fast food joint close to my house not because i was hungry but just because i just wanted to walk or perhaps that was just how fate wanted it to be, i took my time walking as slowly as possible, my manner of walking would have seemed as though i was sleep walking but i didn't mind i just wanted to take in the atmosphere of the cool evening, knowing fully well its not every time i get a chance to do this on a Saturday evening, i soon made it out of my estate after a walk that seemed to last a lifetime, the road wasn't busy and so it afforded me the luxury to continue my sleep walking mode without the risk of been knocked into a roadside drainage by an okada rider (commercial motorcycle), i paid little attention to people that walked past me or on the other side of the road i was lost in thought, but just ahead of me something caught my sleepy eyes and i went from sleepy state to full attentiveness at a speed but would have beaten that of sound, beautiful was a word that couldn't fully do justice to the way this girl looked, she was angelic, she was waiting to cross to the other side of the road and she seemed to be in a hurry, i had a good view of her sideways making her frontal and rear curves very conspicuous and what was very shapely, not big not small but just proportionate enough to make me stare and almost knock of the tray of oranges on the head of a hawker that walked past me, my walking soon gathered speed after i caught a view of her sweet looking when she looked in my direction as she prepared to cross the road that seemed to have suddenly become busy in a very short time, my manner of walking was now as though i was on my way to work on a Monday morning.

Soon enough i got to where she stood, glad that she has not been able to cross the road, i immediately said hi to her in a most jovial manner i have never expressed in my life "Hey, wassup Angelina, good to see you, long time" was my opening statement to her, this was just a tactic to start a conversation, i never knew what her name was as i had never seen her around my neighborhood before, she was startled and the look on her face was that of strange surprise, "How did you know my name?" was her response and that response almost knocked the wind out of me, like oh my God, i guessed her name right, had i not been very good in the art of acting drama i might have stuttered, but i replied her fluently "of course i know you from way back, i couldn't forget your name", she seemed to relax a bit, "i really cant remember where i know you and i am in a hurry" she said in a voice that was so sweet that tiwa savage and beyonce would have been envious, i quickly responded "in that case let me have your number we can always catch up later" she called out her number to me in a sing song manner while i sharply punched in the digits on my phone and i immediately called the number to verify it, she crossed to the other side, hailed a taxi, and she was soon out of sight.

I couldn't believe my luck as i walked back to the house excitedly, glad that i took the evening stroll, i didn't realize how much i had strayed onto the road that had now become busy and i was soon knocked back into reality and into a gutter by an okada and it was then i woke up and i realized it had all been a dream, it was 6:00 o clock and i must have slept for quite a while, i quickly got out of bed, punched the number the lady gave me in the dream on my phone, i called the number expecting to get a "the number you dialed doesn't exist" prompt, but instead the number connected and it rang for some seconds and a lady picked the call "hello, hello" she said as i hesitated, not sure what i was going to say, "is this Angelina?" i asked "yes this is Angelina, who am i speaking with?" I fainted

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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