I Am Married To A Lion (My Wife Is A Lion)

Most often than not, the trouble most people find themselves in are brought on them by their own handwork, but when the problem take over their lives and swallows them up, others pity them and cry foul to God, asking why God would allow such terrible things happen, when in true sense it's not the fault of the creator but an outright fault of the creation, be it male or female.

I live a very busy life, because of the kind of work i do and my position in the company i work with, but however busy i am, my work ends in the office, i never let my office work spill over to the house, despite this my hands are always full when i am at home because of the handful of activities i have to grapple with in the home front. I left the office on this fateful day, not like fate does not have control on other days, but this particular day was such that fate dealt a most heavier blow on me than it has ever dealt, i was tired, worn out and blown out (literally though) and i was looking forward to a most enjoyable and blissful rest when i get home, it was the weekend after all and so i did not mind the annoying traffic on the road nor was i disturbed by the bumps and potholes that was all over road making it look like a well used battle ground, all that i had in my head was to get home and have a cool shower and rest.

I was finally home, after a long arduous drive that felt like i just drove through the war ravaged streets of Syria, battling for unavailable good spots on the road with crazy commercial bus drivers and other car owners that were no less crazy makes driving in Lagos feel like that, I opened the door with a sigh of relief and visions of blissful rest in my head, but i was quickly taken out of my thoughts, right in the middle of my sitting room, stood a lion, the lion was ready to pounce, ready to tear me apart, i stood motionless and powerless in front of the lion, the lion tore right through me, tearing me to shreds in a matter of minutes, it didn't matter to the lion if i was tired and worn out.

The lion is my wife and don't be disappointed by this, i bet you were expecting me to eventually describe how a real life wild lion attacked me, i must let you know, an attack from a real wild lion would be preferable to what i go through everyday coping with the super ultra potent nagging of my wife, i get attacked every other night by my lion of a wife, she would not let me speak, as far she was concerned for every time i cam home late, i must have gone over to another woman's place and no explanation can get trough to my wife and if the attacks stayed verbal maybe it would have been easy to cope with, but it often times turn confrontational, with my wife, pulling my shirts and dragging me by tie all in the name of she wanting to pick up a fight with me and her desire is that i hit her so she can prove that another woman as captured my heart, but a gentle man to the core that i am, however hard she rattled me and confronted me i never hit her, as much as she might have deserved it like some men would say, raised up in a home that was not perfect but was devoid of me ever seeing my father raise his hand against my mother, if only my wife was like my mother

I have chosen not to divorce my wife, but i come home everyday with the expectation that i might not meet her and everyday i meet her, i am encouraged that a change can still take place in the life of my wife, as much as i may not feel happy describing my wife as a lion, i just had to say it as it is, if you are single, whether you are male or female, it's best you shine your eyes and be very sure you know the person you want to get married to and be sure you can cope with the person's attitude, don't ever assume you know them, be very sure, because there are lots of deceivers out there and would do anything to get married even if it means pretending.
Be wise and may God help you in your search for that ideal life partner, be kind enough to share and forward to your friends

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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