I Caught My Husband Red handed

At one point in time you must have been caught red handed doing something you shouldn’t have been doing, perhaps it could have been back then you were much younger or even in your adult years, whatever the case might be, you know what it feels like to be caught red handed, anyway the story am about to share is one in which I caught my husband red handed and just before you think ‘’well, men get caught everyday’’, you might have to think again because what I caught my husband doing is something that could have never crossed your mind.

The kind of job I do is on a shift basis often times I do shift in the day time but on this fateful day I was assign to a night shift, I have two kids and the eldest of my children is five years old, and I’d been married to my husband for 6 years now and in all those years I’ve never had reasons to suspect my husband, but in just one night e very thing changed drastically, so drastic was the change that I was afraid for myself and for my children, to think that I’d been living with my husband and his been doing what I caught him doing that night was scary.

I left the house at about 8:00pm on that day and I left for work to resume my night shift by 10:00pm, even though it was evening I knew the volume of traffic I was going fight through to get to work, the traffic on the road was hefty and way more than I had anticipated so much so after one hour I was still stuck on the major road not so far from my house and soon enough my car started over heating, I had to pack my car by the side of the road and that was where my journey to the office ended for the night, I promptly call the colleague I was to take over from informing him of my situation and after much coercing I was able to convince him to cover for me and in earnest I started my return journey back to the house.

Eventually I returned to the house at some minute past 10:00pm and as much as possible I tried not to make too much noise so as not to wake the kids as well as my husband whom I knew would have been asleep at the time, I quietly checked on the children saw that they were well and fast asleep, I headed for our bedroom quietly open the door and so quietly was the opening of the door that they were oblivious of my presence, the spectacle before me and on my matrimonial bed shocked me beyond words, my husband was deeply engross in bedroom activity with another man, I was stunned, shocked, disturbed and bewildered altogether in a confuse mix of emotions, I resisted the urge to scream, for I was going to wake the children and alert the neighbours and when the neighbors come knocking on my door what was I going to tell them? ‘’I caught my husband with another man on our bed’

I’d stayed there transfixed long enough that my husband and his partner soon became aware of my presence and they both frantically dis-engage, I could see the look of surprise in my husband eyes and all he kept saying was sweetheart am sorry I can explain this’’ I left the room not sure if what I had just seen was real or I was dreaming.

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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