I Witnessed A Very Strange Thing (The Witch Coven)

I woke with a start to the loud beating of drums and the hysterical screaming of several women, who sounded like they have had their fill of strong alcohol, but when my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, what I saw shocked me to the bones, my immediate response was to rub my eyes to know if I was dreaming but I could not move my hands and that was enough to clear my eyes, I could not move my hands not because they were tied but my hands were no longer there, I tried to kick my legs even my legs were not there and that's when I decide to scream at the top of my lungs but no sound came out, it was as though someone had pressed the mute button of a remote that was controlling me.

At this point my attention was drawn back to the screaming women, from where I was which was at the top of a structure that looked like a shelf, I could see them passing around a bowl that was definitely filled with human blood because right in their midst on a very large table laid a fully grown young man who was being dis-membered while he was very much alive, he was immobile only his eyes moved and I could see the look of horror in his eyes, as his limbs were cut off him with a very frightening looking knife by a more frightening looking woman, most of the women gathered round the table were young women, mostly looking like single ladies as well as married only a few looked much older and these older ones were the leaders and the oldest looking among them was the woman doing the cutting, her body looked disturbingly wrinkled as if the skin was dead and she looked like she was half a century old.

The man on the table suddenly floated in my direction, his entire limbs had been cut off him, and he floated into the space below me in the shelf like the structure I was also lying. The woman passed the flesh around laughing hysterically as they took chunky bite out of the human flesh.

From where I was, I tried to see if could see anyone of the women I could recognize but none of them looked familiar; the other women had their back to me. The drumming soon started again the person that beat the drum looked half human and half monkey and slammed on the very large drum with his even larger hands, the women rose up as one and danced round screaming loudly as they did so. I tried to remember how I must have found my way here, I could not place it, all that came to my mind was how I much have suffered in my life and to think this was how my life was going to end, despite the very many prayers I have prayed in the past few days and the volume of encouragement I'd been showered with by the young man that stayed in my compound, the young man had told me how much I should believe in God and trust him to do some wonderful things for me and was I about to be eaten up by dangerous looking women. I was kicked out of my thought by the echo of my name which was immediately followed by me floating in the direction of the table that was thick and laden with congealed blood.

I was soon on the table in the midst of the dangerous looking women, with their lips still dripping with blood and fleshy remnant hanging in between their teeth, they glared at me, in my mind I could hear myself telling them ‘'what have I done to deserve such a treatment from you women’' but it was only in my mind as I was already mute, the leader called my name and told me it was time for them to finish eating me, she said ‘’You will never understand how you got here’’, ‘’and we are not generous enough to tell you’’, she continued ‘’we just want to eat you that is all we have got to tell you’’.

The women laughed hysterically, it was more like a wicked laughter and these was soon followed by the drums beating, more laughing and more dancing. The leader brought a very large knife it was more of a large machete, large enough and looking sharp enough to cut through an elephant, the sight of the knife brought even wilder screaming from the women. The large machete was raised high over my head now, my eyes were wide with fear, I screamed but it was muted, there was no leg or hand to kick around, the machete came down in slow motion towards my neck now and with a sudden motion the machete came down on my neck and then I woke up, I jumped out of my bed, I was soaked with hot sweat, so was my bed.

It was all a dream, a very bad dream, standing on my feet with my head still on my neck felt even more like a dream, but it wasn't I was alive, and grateful even more for it , the words of the young man in my compound suddenly came to me 'believe in God and trust him to do some wonderful things for you' this was indeed a wonderful thing to have been done for me, for it was now clear to me how some people actually die in their sleep. I stayed awake for the rest of the night eager for the morning light, so I could tell the young man what happened.
More than anything life is precious, it is wonderful to be alive, and when there is life there is hope

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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