Love Notes for Him

Love is not blind
It sees it just doesn't mind

Falling in love is like sleeping
however long you sleep you will definitely wakeup

Nothing wrong with been heartbroken
But there's everything wrong with staying heartbroken

Falling in love is not easy
but staying in love is a lot harder

I will be your cruise ship you can be the captain
your wish will be my command I won't complain
you can be my political party for you I will campaign
no matter what happens my love for you will remain


at night when sleep comes over you
at night when dreams gets hold of you
at night when resting is all you want to do
remember awake or asleep day and night loving you is what I will always do

I belong to you like books belong to libraries
I belong to you like memories belong to diaries
I long for you like workers long for their salaries
I long for you like fat people long for food with high calories
I belong to you I long for you I really love you

A crowded room feels like a deserted island if you are not there with me


Like a 5 without 6 can't count so is a me without you don't count.


I know you miss me too but not as much as I miss you


How can a man claim to live without his heart?

How can a homeless man claim to own a flat?

I have nothing to claim when I’m without you that's the fact

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