Love Sayings

You can forget heartbreak
But you can't forget the heartbreaker

There's nothing like loving the wrong person

Everyone deserves love you just need to love them more


Every one deserves a second chance no matter how bad they are
But only a fool lets the same wrong happen to them twice


Love is a decision not a feeling
No matter how you are feeling never forget your decision


Love is not a do or die affair
If loving him or her means you have to die better to reconsider the affair

Love is an action word
True love is more than just words

Love is not just a sweet feeling of loveliness
But a decision to be the reason why the other person is happy no matter what


It’s easy to love when everything is sweet
Only trials and temptations will tell true love from superficial love

When you find true love
never let it go
some people live their entire life never finding it


True love doesn't mean perfection
It means loving the other person despite their imperfection


Falling in love is good
but staying in love is a lot better


Love with all your heart
You might get hurt
But you should at least enjoy it while it last

I can never stop loving you
like the sky can never stop being blue
I can never stop caring for you
like twins can never stop being two
I will always belong to you
like the letter U will always belong in YOU
I love you I really do


I’m not bad but I will be bad to anything that tampers with your good
I’m not mad but I will be mad at anyone that spoils your mood
I will be everything good to keep everything around you looking good
I will love you at all times whether bad or whether good


I will love you like my life depends on it
I will defend our love no matter what a lot depends on it

I will love you endlessly
I will love you tirelessly
my decision to love you was made carefully
May our love never end carelessly


I love you with all of me for you I don't mind
when loving you becomes inconvenient I will love you still because i don't mind
when trials and storms threatens our love my promise to love you for life will come to mind

I’m you minded
I love you deeply but I’m not blinded


I’m not perfect God knows I’m not
but will I cheat on you God knows I won't
I’m not an Angel God knows I’m not
but will I stay angry with you forever? God knows I won't
however my imperfections God knows I love you


when the stars take over the sky at night
your absence hits me and loneliness takes over my night
when the moon is king over the sky at night
the king in me miss my queen but I stay alone all night
I miss you having you around is all I need to feel alright

If you ever get heartbroken

You can cry and feel bad

But make sure to pick yourself and be ready to fall in love again


People who say love is dead

Have never truly been in love

Because true love never dies however hard you beat it


If you still love your ex that broke up with you

Don't mind those who call you fool

They have no idea what true love is

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