My Sweet Indomie Weekend

Saturdays are mostly always very boring for me, I sleep the entire day most of the time, but on this particular Saturday, sleep was not possible for me, the heat was unbearable, and there was no hope for PHCN ever bringing the light.

Several weeks ago PHCN officials had come to disconnect houses that owed electricity bills and one particular boda shaggy had broken bottle on the head of one of the officials, his colleagues had carried him away with blood pouring from his head amidst the jubilation from the people in the area.

That day was the last time we saw electricity, turns out the PHCN official was a senior one and had vowed we won’t see light for one year.
Here I was, bored unable to sleep and to top it off, hungry. I had no food whatsoever to eat or cook, my kitchen was so bare you’d think it was attacked by a group of hungry scavengers.

The money I had with me was just going to be enough to get me to work on Monday, my only hope is that salary is paid on Monday, if not I will be left with no option than to borrow money again from Mr Monday, I know he’s tired of me requesting a loan from him every time.

My tummy rumbled; If I don’t find a way to get something to eat today, I may not see Monday. I thought of several option, I decided to call Onome, my on and off girlfriend.

“Hi, Onome can you help me bring some food, I have not eaten since Friday” I spoke as softly as possible to indicate how much I was dying of hunger, not that it mattered to Onome anyways.

Getting Onome to do you a favour is like expecting a Nigerian politician to do something to benefit Nigerians, they only do what comes to their mind and I was hoping pitying me would come to Onome’s mind.
“Am I your mother?” She fired back in her sing song warri accent. “Onome, sorry na “I pleaded. “Kayode, don’t patronise me “She cut me off.
“Anyway I was just preparing to come to your place, so don’t think I am coming because you called, expect me in one hour”

Thirty minutes after, Onome was already in my kitchen, the sweet aroma of Indomie chicken pepper soup was all over the place.

Onome makes indomie special every time she prepares one, this one was cooked with chicken, veggies as well as large red crayfish, Mama Ngozi was just going back and forth near my kitchen window because of the aroma, the smoking hot indomie was placed in my front, I could savour the taste already, a forkful of spicy Indomie was on its way to my mouth, with my eyes closed waiting for payload of explosive favour in my mouth.

“gba, gba, gba !” a large bang on my door woke me up from my sleep, I was sweating like a person chased by a madwoman.
Everything was just a dream, I must have slept off after I called Onome.

“Who is there?!” I shouted, angry to have been woken up from such a dream. “It’s me Onome “the sweet angelic voice replied. I smiled
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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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