Ritualists On Third Mainland Bridge

Having the popularity as the longest bridge in west Africa or is it in Africa as a whole? whichever it is, third mainland bridge is many things to many people and to me its just a route i take to work every evening as a night shift nurse in a private hospital on Lagos island, but on this fateful day, third mainland bridge became known to me in a different dimension.

the day was a Saturday, the time was 10.00pm and i was already running late for my shift, i had barely reached the middle of the bridge when my car started making a funny sound, the last thing i needed was a broken down vehicle in the middle of the third mainland bridge at this time of the night, but like fate would have it, what i needed wasn't what i got, the car stopped abruptly and there i was sitting helplessly not knowing what to do, i wanted to come down but i didn't think it was safe for me as a lady to come down on the bridge at this time of the night, i called the driver of the hospital emergency bus, explained my situation to him, he agreed to come pick me up and so i waited , i didn't realize how dangerous my situation was until situation started unfolding before my eyes.About 30 minutes after my car broke down a large black SUV drove past me and parked some 200 meters away from my car, it didn't look like the car was faulty because no one came down, in all the time i,d been on the bridge not too many cars went past my car, my car window was tinted and i left no light on in the car so it must have seemed there was no one in my car. A loud bang soon shook me out of my drifting thoughts, i looked up and i saw a small car park slowly a few meters away from mine, a ,man came down looked at his car tires, he soon brought out tools and was soon busy working on his car tire.

i looked on and did not even entertain the thought of coming down from my car, minutes after a very large man came down from the large black SUV that had earlier packed in front of me, speaking of tall, the man was really tall and he walked purposefully towards the man that was bent over the car fixing the tires, he was followed by another man wearing a flowing white traditional looking attire, he soon got close to the man working on the car, the man working on the car looked up and something scary happened, the large tall man brought a large knife looking like a machete and with such lightning speed he cut off the head of the man working on the car, i froze in fear where i was, the man wearing white picked up the severed head of the man while the large man picked up the dead man and threw him in the lagoon below the bridge, they returned swiftly to the black SUV and sped off, all the while I'd been sitting up and watching, i immediately ducked placing my head on the passenger seat of my car wishing what i just witnessed was a dream, but it wasn't i was on the third mainland bridge and i was alone in broken down vehicle, a sudden knock on my car window immediately turned up my fear to a high volume as i thought the head hunters came back for me, the knocking increased in tempo, shaking all over i fearfully looked up and there he was, the driver of the hospital emergency bus.
this story has been rewritten in my own words to fictionalize it, but it is based on a true account of two witness before whom this incidence happened as narrated on a popular radio program in Nigeria
whether you choose to believe is up to you, but whatever you do be sure to open your eyes and be highly security conscious,

better to be safe than sorry

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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