Telegram BTC Ads Bot Paying Bitcoins Every 30 Seconds

I came across this Telegram BTC bot that pays you bitcoins every 30 seconds for just viewing ads, yes you heard that right for viewing ads. The same ads pushed in your face every other day all over the net, in mobile games, mobile apps, email, news sites, etc we are surrounded by ads everywhere, now you can make money from these very ads and you only view when you decide to

If you have a telegram account, download HERE if you don't, have a fair knowledge of cryptocurrencies, understand what a bot means and what they can do and you are have interest in making money using just your phone and internet then you are in luck.

You get paid an average ฿0.00000927! 30 seconds you view ads, so depending how much time you can commit to it, you can do your maths and determine how much you can make per day, per week and monthly, the minimum withdrawal amount is ฿0.00500000.

Click HERE to join now and start making cool Bitcoins

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