The Text Message I Will Never Forget

Who would have thought a common text message or sms whichever one you want to call it, could change the entire course of a person’s life in a very short time, well, I would never have thought so not until the series of events I’m about to unfold to you started happening.

I met Nancy two years ago and Nancy was such a sweet sweet sweet girl, pardon my repetitions, but that’s just how so much sweet Nancy was or is, because I'm still with Nancy and she still very much sweet believe me am not exaggerating, Nancy is the kind of girl every man should be blessed with but it's too bad all girls can’t be like Nancy, anyway this story is not about Nancy so lets get into it

Like every other day I picked up my phone to send my sweet Nancy a sweet romantic message, after I visited the love rhyme section of I was able to compose a message, I proceeded to send, selected the number from my contact list and I pressed the send button, I knew my lady was going to love the message and I expected her to reply immediately but when her reply did not come I decided to check my phone only to realize I’d mistakenly sent the message to my company MD.

It was like my head was going to fly off my neck and I couldn’t believe how I could have made such a mistake, how would I explain to my boss that I had mistakenly sent a love message to her, it would have being a different thing if she didn’t have my number but my MD saves the numbers of all key employees and I was in that category, I had no close relationship with her other than work and she rarely even smiled not to talk of laugh.

About an hour after I had sent the implicating text message, I got a message alert on my phone and my heart stated beating as though my phone had suddenly turned to a serpent, I did the cross sign three times and picked the phone, open the message and it turned to be a promotional message from mtn (my network provider), pissed off I tossed the phone aside and returned to thinking on what I was going to do to get myself out of this sticky situation, I soon slept off and it was the alarm on my phone that woke me, it was morning already and I had not done anything about the wrong text message I’d sent, got up started preparing for work not knowing what to expect when I got to the office, I knew for sure it was going to be a long day.

I got to work earlier than I usually did and I immediately immersed myself in the work I had to do for that day, I decided I was going to stay put in my office and wasn’t going to move around the workplace like I usually did, just to reduce the probability of running into my boss, the plan was to send an email to my boss later that day to apologize for the wrong text message, at exactly 12:00 noon my desk phone rang and the caller was my boss seeing her extension number on the caller had made my heart beat faster like it was going to stop, I picked the call and in her usual crisp voice she requested that I see her in her office and at that point my heart felt as though it had frozen in my chest.

The walk to her office was like the longest walk I had ever taken in my life, every step felt heavy like my shoes were made out of rock boulders, i tapped on her door lightly, opened and stepped in, seeing her seated on her large leather swivel chair made me even feel more hopeless, she told me to sit down, I sat and braced myself for what was coming, the statement that came from her next scared me, she said ‘’ I got the message u sent yesterday and I was excited when I read it’’

Confusion, and surprise mixed in a massive proportion enveloped me where I sat, her follow up statement wrapped me deeper in the blanket of confusion-surprise ‘’I love confident young men like you, who are not afraid to express their feelings, I will definitely be your sugar mummy, starting from today’’. My mouth stayed wide open for the next few moments and she said ‘’you don’t have to be surprised or isn’t that what you want?’’ I quickly composed myself and answered her ‘’of course ma, exactly what I want, glad you feel the same way’’

After giving me the address to an hotel she gave me an appointment for 9pm later that day, I walk back to my office like I was in a dream hoping when I got to my office I will wake up from the dream, back at my office reality stared at me even more. What am I going to tell my sweet Nancy, how do I open my mouth to tell my boss the text message was a mistake after she had opened up herself the way she did, I have never been so confused in my entire life, what do i do?

watch out for part two of the story, in the mean time what's your advise for this young man, comment below

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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