The Wedding Night Surprise

Getting surprised on the wedding night can be good, very good or absolutely very terrible, so was the case of my very good friend Henry who got the shock of his life on the wedding night, just before your thought goes hay wire, wedding night surprise can take all sort of dimension from finding out your self-professed virgin partner turns out to be nothing close to a virgin, or finding out the handsome young man you got married to is impotent and in these days of transgender and rise of sex change surgeries one could find out on the wedding night as well that the beautiful bride is infact a man but as terrible as all of these wedding night surprises are what Henry my good friend got as a surprise was nothing close to these.

Henry’s wedding was what you could call a society wedding, the father of his wife happens to be a church leader in one of the many white garment churches around and so it was quite a celebration, but Henry’s wife happens to be a different stock from her father’s religious inclination, she was a member of one of the new generation churches and so during their dating period she never for once slept over at Henry’s place and so for the two of them the wedding night was the first time they would be spending the night together not necessarily that they’ve never been together before if you know what I mean.

The night was explosive between Henry and his wife, the feeling was mutual and electric and the excitement was nothing close to what he used to experience before the wedding night and so the night went without any out of this world surprise other than the superfluous bedroom activities they engaged in, spent from all the excitement of the night and the activities of the day, Henry and his wife slept off, I bet they both must have look beautiful, sprawled of the bed or locked in matrimonial embrace, anyway I was not there just my own imagination, but according to Henry at some point in the night, he had a dream and in the dream he saw himself swimming in the lagoon, Henry cannot swim but in this dream he was swimming effortlessly like am Olympic swimmer, he swam past a number of fishermen oat, on his way to the shore, he also noticed that in the dream the boxer he was wearing was the very type he wore to sleep, he soon swam to the shore, with water dripping all over his body and that was when Henry woke into the surprise of his life.

The bed was soaked and it wasn’t sweat, because there was A/C powered on in the room, Henry realized the wetness on the bed was from his new wife, the wetness originated from his wife’s side and it was obvious the wife had bed wetted, Henry could not believe his eyes, a bed wetting wife, he tapped her into wakefulness and when she woke up and saw the situation, she started crying, telling Henry she didn’t know how to tell Henry all this while she bed wets and that she was hoping she would at least escape the first night. Now Henry is in a dilemma he unknowing got married to a woman that bed wets and now he’s contemplating what to do, well been a good friend that I am, my simple suggestion to him was, ‘’ for better for worse till death do you part’’ and what God has joined together let no piss put asunder.

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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