The Wedding Ring

It was like every other day on the street of Lagos, the traffic was boisterous like the surging waves of the ocean at high tide, the vehicles thronged the road like there was a prize to win for anyone who got to his destination first, like a drop in a sea of vast madness, i joined the mad traffic on the road, even at this time of the night the traffic was still as though it was in the morning, time was 9:00 pm and on my way home after a hectic day at work, but then was it really hectic at work? I'd closed from work by 5:00 pm and as usual branched at a friend's place and that was where i spent the latter part of the evening up until this time, perhaps that was where the day really got hectic, because the friend of mine is a lady, a very curvy lady at that, not that my wife was any less curvier than she was, but there was that thrill that came from being with another woman other than your wife, a dangerous thrill it was because it soon got me into trouble.

My wife really did believe i closed late from work, but i knew it was all a lie, the only place i was closing late was another woman's place, in my mind i was very confident my wife would never discover, that was what i thought until something caught the corner of my eyes on the steering wheel, it was there on my hands staring at me like a troublesome child about to break his mother's precious glassware, i was immediately alarmed and almost drove out of my lane on the road, staring me in the eyes was my empty fingers announcing to me the absence of my wedding ring, my wedding ring was missing, it never left my finger, it was always there as a constant reminder that i had a wife to always return to, but this time it was not there and it reminded me of how much trouble i was about to get into, not that my wife was going to beat me, but how was i to explain to my wife a missing wedding ring, women are passionate about this things, i tried to think of where i must have dropped it and none came to mind until i thought of where i just left, i picked up my phone and called Rita, asked her if i forgot my wedding ring at here place and she was quick to me, No.

My wife was already asleep when i got home and i quietly got into bed beside her after having my bath frantically, i woke up even earlier than i normally do the next day, and i tried as much as possible to keep my hands from wife's notice and this i did well till i left the house, somehow i was glad, Rita had told me my ring was not at her place,and i was glad because she could blackmail me with the ring if she ever laid her hands on it, i thought of how much this would break the heart of my wife, she has been a very wonderful wife, but i just could not help seeing other women, but then this was not the case and i was just going to tell her i misplaced it and would buy another one to replace it, this i thought in my head as i drove to work, like it was even going to be easy convincing my wife i lost my ring, little did i know things was about to get even more difficult.

One hour after i got to work, my phone rang and i was quick to pick the phone thinking it was my wife calling, like she normally does to check on me if i was already at work, but it was Rita, the lady from the previous night, i picked the call and her voice was pretty cool, like she was about to discuss business with me, but this was a different kind of business, she immediately informed me that my wedding ring was with her as well as my wife's phone number including my house address and that if i did not want my wife to hear about my escapades, i should immediately pay 150,000 into her account before 12 noon that day and that failure to do that meant, my wife going be informed about my escapades outside my matrimonial bed, i tried to persuade to not do that but she immediately cut the call and her line was switched off subsequently.

One thing was very certain now, i was in a very big mess, and i was very sure this was the beginning of the mess, i made to the bank at the slightest chance i got, i paid the money into her account, which she acknowledged afterwards and told me to relax that my wife would not hear anything of my escapades but that i should not hope to get back my wedding ring that she was going to sell it, i begged her to please let me have it back but she refused.
I am very certain in not too long a time she would call again requesting money, my dilemma now is should i tell my wife the truth about what happened hoping that she forgives me, or keep hiding the whole thing from my wife by perpetually paying this girl.

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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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