Wonderful Collection of Fictions By Oladimeji Josiah

On this page you will find a wonderful collection of interesting, fictional stories, written by Oladimeji Josiah, some of these stories have been republished on several blogs, websites, and forums on the internet, but they are all creative works of Oladimeji Josiah


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My Sweet Indomie Weekend

Saturdays are mostly always very boring for me, I sleep the entire day most of the time, but on this particular Saturday, sleep was not possible for me, the heat was unbearable, and there was no hope for PHCN ever bringing the light.

Several weeks ago PHCN officials had come to disconnect houses that owed electricity bills and one particular boda shaggy had broken bottle on the head of one of the officials, his colleagues had carried him away with blood pouring from his head amidst the jubilation from the people in the area.

Captured On The Street Of Lagos (How I Escaped)

As soon as I entered the bus the conductor shut the door, it was then I looked around the bus and nothing looked out of place, I sat down directly behind the driver, two men chatting loudly with each other sat down in the two seats beside the driver, two men sat beside me, the seat behind me was occupied by two good looking ladies, they seem not to know each other as both of them neither looked at each other nor chat

I Witnessed A Very Strange Thing (The Witch Coven)

I woke with a start to the loud beating of drums and the hysterical screaming of several women, who sounded like they have had their fill of strong alcohol, but when my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, what I saw shocked me to the bones, my immediate response was to rub my eyes to know if I was dreaming but I could not move my hands and that was enough to clear my eyes, I could not move my hands not becaus

I Am Married To A Lion (My Wife Is A Lion)

Most often than not, the trouble most people find themselves in are brought on them by their own handwork, but when the problem take over their lives and swallows them up, others pity them and cry foul to God, asking why God would allow such terrible things happen, when in true sense it's not the fault of the creator but an outright fault of the creation, be it male or female.

The Wedding Ring

It was like every other day on the street of Lagos, the traffic was boisterous like the surging waves of the ocean at high tide, the vehicles thronged the road like there was a prize to win for anyone who got to his destination first, like a drop in a sea of vast madness, i joined the mad traffic on the road, even at this time of the night the traffic was still as though it was in the morning, time was 9:00 pm and on

You Won't Believe This (Must Read)

It was like any other day, a day just like today is for you, I’d left the house with the hope the day was going to be a wonderful one and true to God I was sure it was going to be wonderful and I was determined not to let anything stand in the way of my progress, but little did I know that something else was lying in wait for me, like every one of us, we enter each day with hopes and expectation and sometimes things

The Best Monday Morning Ever (Must Read)

The loud ringing of my phone woke me up and i sluggishly picked the phone, wondering who could possibly be calling at this early hour on a monday morning, i looked at the phone screen and the number did not look familiar, i pressed the receive button and i was immediately unto the clear crisp voice of a lady, she said "am i speaking with Mr.

From Facebook To My Bedroom (The Sweetest Coincidence)

She was tall, light skinned, cute faced and she had such beautiful perfect features i mistook her to be a mannequin, more so because she stood in front of a boutique, she was alone, she was on the phone and she seemed a little frazzled, i drove closer to where she stood, stopped the car and got down, about the same time i stopped, she ended the call on her phone, she looked at me as though she was expecting me to say

The Hookup I Will Never Forget

After drinking all night with my guys and frolicking with barely dressed girls in the club, i finally decided to go home, it was 3:00 am and i was very drunk, i picked one of the girls that had been by my side all night in the club, as drunk and Leary eyed as i was, my eyes were clear enough to choose from among the girls, the one that had the biggest breast, she was allover me and soon enough i knew i was going to b

Ritualists On Third Mainland Bridge

Having the popularity as the longest bridge in west Africa or is it in Africa as a whole? whichever it is, third mainland bridge is many things to many people and to me its just a route i take to work every evening as a night shift nurse in a private hospital on Lagos island, but on this fateful day, third mainland bridge became known to me in a different dimension.

The Break Up

I was tired and fed up, there was no going back on my decision, my mind was made up and I was ready to go all the way to make this break up a reality, Stanley was a wonderful man, really nice person, caring and really very understanding but of what good is a wonderful man if he is not showing signs he’s ready to marry you four years into a relationship.

My Valentine Story (The Stranger At The Beach)

It was the 14th of February of a very wonderful year, like every valentines day, most girls are always excited about the many gifts they would receive from their boyfriends, well I didn't share in the excitement because I had no boyfriend and I had no gift expectation from nobody, but I was not any less excited, I was single and I was enjoying every bit of it, but all that changed in the space of a very short time, a

My Valentine Story (The Stranger At The Beach)2

My encounter with the stranger at the beach, faded from memory like most encounters I have with guys that seek my attention, it never came to my mind again until about a week after the beach outing, I was doing my laundry and I was going through the pockets of the clothing I was to wash like I normally do, when my hands touched an item in the back pocket of the bum short I was wearing on the day of the outing, I brou

The Text Message I Will Never Forget

Who would have thought a common text message or sms whichever one you want to call it, could change the entire course of a person’s life in a very short time, well, I would never have thought so not until the series of events I’m about to unfold to you started happening.

The Wedding Night Surprise

Getting surprised on the wedding night can be good, very good or absolutely very terrible, so was the case of my very good friend Henry who got the shock of his life on the wedding night, just before your thought goes hay wire, wedding night surprise can take all sort of dimension from finding out your self-professed virgin partner turns out to be nothing close to a virgin, or finding out the handsome young man you g

I Caught My Husband Red handed

At one point in time you must have been caught red handed doing something you shouldn’t have been doing, perhaps it could have been back then you were much younger or even in your adult years, whatever the case might be, you know what it feels like to be caught red handed, anyway the story am about to share is one in which I caught my husband red handed and just before you think ‘’well, men get caught everyday’’, you

The Girl of My Dreams

I decided to take a stroll to a fast food joint close to my house not because i was hungry but just because i just wanted to walk or perhaps that was just how fate wanted it to be, i took my time walking as slowly as possible, my manner of walking would have seemed as though i was sleep walking but i didn't mind i just wanted to take in the atmosphere of the cool evening, knowing fully well its not every time i get a

The Dead Baby (A Mother's Greatest Nightmare)

The saying "better safe than sorry" is a valid one that every one should keep to heart at all times, in this age of kidnappers abducting people for ritual purposes, in these times when armed robbers attack with more sophisticated weapons like never before, in these age when public office holders are more interested in looting public funds than providing social amenities, it is imperative for everyone to keep their ey

Captured By Ritualist & Returned to Town to Die (My True Story)

The series of events I'm about to narrate to you are very shocking and the shock is of the nature that I to whom it happened I'm yet to recover from the shock and the other people i went through this predicament with are not alive now because they could not live with the shock and death was the consequence of telling people what they saw and even myself, narrating the story put me at the throes of death only the powe

Captured By Ritualist & Returned to Town to Die 2 (My True Story)

Most of the people looked very weak and they were oblivious to our presence, there were more young ladies among them, myself and those that were with me started crying and begging for our lives, the young man who presented himself as my client soon joined us and assured us nothing was going to happen to us, all they needed us for was to prepare the food for the party coming up the next day, the butchers that i took a

My Landlord is an Armed Robber

The house was a storey building, well built, with a massive gate at the entrance, it was colorfully painted in a deep chocolate and cream color and the manner of the painting was such that, the house looked like a giant chocolate cake ready to be eaten and indeed i was ready to eat up the house literally because as soon as i stepped into the compound i fell in love with the house and i knew i was going to take the ho