You Won't Believe This (Must Read)

It was like any other day, a day just like today is for you, I’d left the house with the hope the day was going to be a wonderful one and true to God I was sure it was going to be wonderful and I was determined not to let anything stand in the way of my progress, but little did I know that something else was lying in wait for me, like every one of us, we enter each day with hopes and expectation and sometimes things dont turn out the way we planned it.

I found my way to the bus park and boarded a bus going to Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria, those familiar with the traffic of Lagos knows how chaotic and hectic it can be on a Monday, I guess its like that in every part of the world, but then that of Lagos is the one I know, boarding the bus, paying the bus conductor, and weaving through Lagos traffic (crawling through traffic was more like it) was uneventful, but all that soon changed when at a particular major bus stop some passenger alighted and new passengers boarded among the new passenger was a lady, she was well dressed and seemed like she was in a hurry, her hurriedness soon made her step on my shoes, my black, shiny, newly bought, polished to a mirror look shoe, to say I was angry was an understatement, what I felt was an amalgamation of furiousness and toxic vexation and I did not hold back expressing it, the woman was shocked by my outburst and she immediately declared how sorry she was but her apology was not enough to get the muddy stains she had deposited on my shoes away, it had rained the day before and the road in some areas in Lagos don’t forget quickly when it rains because they retain muddiness for days thanks to the potholes that grace the road or maybe I should say disgrace the road.

I soon got down at a bus stop and quickly found a shoe shiner to take of my shoes, done with that I headed to the address that was sent to me as the venue of the job interview, I located quickly enough, met the receptionist who verified that I’d truly review the message inviting me for the interview to fill the position of an executive Customer Relation Officer, after about 30 minute I was called in for the interview, I met four people seated on the interview panel and to my glorious surprise the lady I’d unleashed on earlier in the bus was the head of the interview panel, my confidence immediately gave way to confusion but I tried to conceal it.

Amazingly enough the interview went well and even when I was asked how I would react to an angry foul mouthed customer, I answered the question professionally, I was told the company will get back to me but I never got a call from them, it’s been 5 months since that interview. I know what caused it and I bet you know it too, the very women who was to interview me, for a customer relation officer position was the very person I angrily spoke to in the bus;
Be careful how you treat people you never know how your actions can come back to haunt you.
The question I want you to answer is this What will you have done if it was you the woman stepped on in the bus not forgetting he didn’t know who the woman was?
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These Stories which are creative works of Oladimeji Josiah are purely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead or to any incidents are just coincidental

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