Cool Funny Birthday Messages for Friend

Funny Birthday Message


Funny thing it’s your birthday already

Your birthday last year feels like just yesterday

May laughter fill your life abundantly

Happy birthday.


Birthdays always make celebrants happy

Happy like a child given a gift by the daddy

As the gifts pour in today may you be happy

Like a child with a thousand daddies

Happy birthday.


Its like you celebrate your birthday twice in a year

It wasn’t long ago we celebrated your birthday with fanfare

Whether its daily or yearly I still wish you happy birthday heartily

May your well-wishers not bring gifts too shabbily

May they bless you and gift you happily

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and I am saying it cheerfully


Its your birthday may God subtract your sorrow

As you celebrate today may you do better in your tomorrow

May your pocket be full so you never have to borrow

Happy birthday would have said belated if I was saying it tomorrow



Laugh all you can its your birthday today

May you laugh on tomorrow though its not birthday everyday

Dance all you can its your birthday today

Dance on tomorrow with or without music just dance on anyway

As you celebrate your birthday today may dance and laughter never be missing in your life any day


Without God your birthday cannot hold

Whether a a lie or whether true it’s a fact that you are getting old

As you celebrate today may your life experience prosperity may you not just be told

And may the progress of those who wish you bad be on permanent hold

Whether they are young or whether old

Happy birthday, cheers.


May laughter never be hard for you to find

When people are needed for demotion may you be difficult to find

May you never lack money may money become easy for you to find

These and more are my wishes for you on your birthday and every other day

Happy birthday, cheers


When rich people gather may you be the richest

When promotion is been shared may yours be the highest

When funny birthday messages are been selected may mine be the funniest

The smile this message has brought to your face may it forever last

Happy birthday to you, may you for a long time last


Have fun on your birthday with glorious years ahead

May you never lack butter to eat your bread

And may God who keeps butter on your bread

Sustain you and keep you ahead

Happy birthday


Birthday celebrants are happy people

May you not be found among sad people

May laughter and joy last in your life like a stubborn pimple

May smile never leave your face even though lacks dimple

Wishing you a happy birthday plain and simple


On your birthday cakes will not be absent

As you celebrate your birthday expensive gifts will be present

As you get older may you not get outdated may you remain recent

Happy birthday

Birthday Message for Friend


Wishing you a wonderful birthday my friend

And may our friendship never come to an end

Like the blessings of God over you will not come to an end

May you prosper and succeed till the very end

May you success continually ascend never to descend

Sweet birthday messages to you from your friend


I promise to be your friend forever

Like the blessings of God in your life will last forever

As you celebrate today may you enjoy the best that life has to offer

Happy birthday to you from your brother from another mother

(from your sister from another mother)


Diamonds are forever

May peace and joy last in your life forever

As good friends stay together however bad the situation

So will you and success remain together may you not be overwhelmed by bad situation

Birthday wishes from your friend wishing you a glorious birthday celebration


I love my friends and you are not an exception

God will make you bigger and fill your life with satisfaction

May you for good remember today’s birthday celebration

Happy birthday to you friend, I love you with passion


You are a year older today happy birthday to you

Every good thing you desire will come to you

Good people that your life require will come to you

Goodness and mercy shall continually follow you

Birthday wishes to you from a friend that loves you


Great friends are hard to find

And you are one of a kind

Success shall not be hard for you to find

Have a wonderful birthday good friend


Wishing you a most wonderful birthday my good friend

May the years ahead of you bring you joy

And may you find favor with God , man, woman, girl and boy

Happy birthday, cheers


A wonderful you deserve a wonderful birthday

May the memories of today bring you smiles someday

May the joy of today not disappear the next day

I wish you a wonderful birthday


Happy birthday to you good friend

May the joy in your heart today not fade away

May life favor you today and every other day

May the good you possess today nor turn bad another day

Have a wonderful birthday today


Your friendship beautifies my life

May the joy of today’s celebration never depart your life

I wish you good health and long life

Happy birthday from your friend for life

Cool Birthday Wishes


Be happy and rejoice

its your birthday May the joy of today sound in your voice

If I had a choice I’d declare today a public holiday so we can celebrate and make a joyful noise

for the sake of this rhyme permit me to call you Joyce

happy birthday, cheers.


It’s your day today open your mouth in thanksgiving

Open your barns today lots of gift is what you shall be receiving

In life may you find helpers not people who are deceiving

Happy birthday.


Your birthday has come great blessings and promotion shall follow

You are a year older today may you give to nations may you not borrow

And as you set your eyes on a greater tomorrow

May you have enough joy to overwhelm every sorrow

Happy birthday.


Welcome to a new year

God is on your side you have no reason to fear

Whenever you need helpers may you have them very near

Happy birthday to you


You are such a jolly fellow Among your peers

you are such a good fellow  and as you add more years 

goodness and mercy shall follow

May your insight get deeper may your thinking not be shallow

Cool birthday message to you from a well thinking fellow


Hip hip hip hurray its your birthday today

May the goodness in your life not fly away

You are a year older today

May the success you will achieve move more steps higher from today

I wish you an awesome birthday


may you find warmth to keep you from cold anyday

As you blow the flame on the cake candles away

May the troubles in your life be blown away

Have fun and be merry today


Its your birthday and happy birthday to you I say

Christmas is merry new year is happy

Merry and happy shall your birthday today be


You are a year older today may life bring better tidings to you

The good things of life you desire shall not hide for you

A most wonderful birthday is what I wish you


You are a year older today and its an achievement

A lot of your age mates are 6 feet below the pavement

Your current success shall be your least achievement

I wish you a happy birthday, may your coast be enlarged and may you not be limited in a compartment


Today as you celebrate

May you always have reason to jubilate

May you and success never separate

the enemies of your progress shall the problems of life annihilate

Helpers shall not be difficult for you to locate

A most wonderful birthday is what I wish you when its my time you shall surely reciprocate

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