Cool Romantic Goodmorning Love Messages For Her or Him

I love you not for your beauty or style
But for that which would last for a while
Through ups and downs and when you can’t smile
For you I will go the extra mile

I chose you for a reason
To forever stay with you in all season
Always by your side am not leaving
Forever be your prince charming
You alone I’ll always be loving

Ours is like a sweet love story

You got me high like a tall building 50 storey

You want it? will buy it for you no story

Just want to be your best friend end of story


I just want to be your best friend

I want to be the cream in your coffee let’s blend

I promise to be straight to you I won’t bend

My playing days are over I’ve reached the end

I promise to be with you till the end


I chose you for a reason

Won’t betray you, no treason

Love you in all whether and all season

I’ll be the spice your life needs, your life seasoning


My love for you is not casual

Supernatural love this is unusual

I will love you uniquely not as usual

Multimedia love I got for you this is audio visual


My love my best friend my sweetness

Believe me when I say I love you from the depth of my heart

My promise of love is unbreakable

My commitment to you is unshakable


Roses are red violets are blue

You are always in my head and am dangerously in love with you

Roses are red violet are blue

Without you on my bed am lonely and blue

These are not just words but a piece of my heart from me to you


How can I ever live without you
How can I ever be myself without you
Why would I ever choose another and not you?
These are the questions I ask when I am without you
from the depth of my heart I love u


I see love in your eyes
I love you too no need for disguise
You chose me in the midst of many guys
Never to break your heart not like other guys

I think of you and a smile cross my face

I thank God I found you ready to take you to my mama’s place

My love you are the best

Believe me when I say so


You have being an inspiration

You have being a confidant and a great companion

I delight in your love my soul mate

Favored in the midst of many


My shining star my priceless jewel

My treasure my gem of incontestable grace

My pledge of love to you is unchangeable

My commitment to you is irrevocable


Sweet melodious rhyme
To the one I think about all the time
Sweet melodious song
To the one that keeps our love strong
A thousand rhymes and a thousand song
Cannot express how much for you my love is strong

Like a car with no fuel can’t move

And a party without music cant grove

So is a me without you not right

I want to be the one to love you right


Am like the baby you are the mama

My is lonely without my caring mama

Just so you know my plan is to love you all the way

Ready to tie the knot without delay


My love for you is plain to see

My love for you is deep beyond the depth of the sea

I love you and I say it,

I love you, you know it

Because I show it


I don’t want to be alone
I’ve found the one to call my own
Succulent meat in the place of dry bone
The girl I can always take home
The one to make my house a home


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