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Am a fool for love today
Behold it is our wedding day
Today I promise my love to you
To stay true to only you
To be your friend till the very end
I promise you eternal love till my life end
Hold my hands tell me you feel same way too
Today I say I do to you tell me you do too
We become one today no longer are we two
Before God and man I promise eternal love to you
Through the good better best and bad times too
I love you I really do words alone won’t do

It was all a mistake
Now I’ve got to fight to win your love back
I give this all it would take
Never meant to cheat behind your back
This is all a dream I really want to wake
The hands of time is impossible to turn back
Our love is hit I can feel it shake
Oh heaven help me win the trust of my love back

She’s strong I love her

She’s committed I believe her

I’m connected to her I can’t leave her

In my heart I where I place her

She’s a gift to me from my redeemer

Away from me is where I miss her

You is her


You and I together is never tiny

Larger is I when you is beside me

I love you even more when you is lying beside me

Lone and vagrant is I when you is not around me

So blessed to be loved by you, what a lucky me


You take my breath away

Like the blessings of God curses away

I can’t go away

Like a tattoo I can’t be washed away

I’ll be in disarray

My life without you could fade away

I’ll love you all the way no going away


I’ll be your silver I’ll be your gold

I’ll give my hand for you to hold

I’ll be warm and gentle I won’t be cold

I’ll keep you warm and cozy if you ever feel cold

I’ll love you in my youth and when I’m old


Can’t take my mind off you

Can’t rid my mind off you

Can’t let go off you

When my better half is you

If I had to choose again I’d still choose you

I love you


Girl: do you love me?
Boy: yes I do, more than I love me
Girl: would you do anything for me
Boy: yes, anything to show you mean the world to me
Girl: that is so sweet of you
Boy: yet none of that is as sweet as you
You mean the world to me I’ll forever love you


The day I stop loving you
Is the day I’ll stop living too
My promise of love to you is eternal
The feelings in my internal shows in the external
This is love like no other it is love supernatural

I’d still choose you

However much I feel hurt by you

I’ll still love you

However hard it gets I can’t leave you

For reasons beyond me I just love you I do


For reasons beyond me I just love you I do

Beyond words can explain I just need you

Beyond the words you say I just believe you

My heart my soul my being is connected to just you

I love you with my everything I was born to love just you


At night when sleep embrace my eyes

When my desire for you arise

When I see you only when I close my eyes

I pray God to keep you until on you I set my eyes

Sweet dreams to the apple of my eyes


You are the apple of my eyes

My joy my sunrise

I’ll forever cherish the love in your eyes

You’ll always attract me like a garden attracts butterflies

Love Is all I feel for you it is obvious in my eyes



It’s a new day

I’ll say good morning in a new way

It’s a new day

Be reminded I’m here to stay

It’s a new day

So glad you are alive this day

Do have a great day I’ll love you today and every other day



Loving you as been a battle,
a battle I am using all my strength to handle.
It been hard and long and tortuous like a chain tied around my ankle.
I feel like I am in a tangle of chains and rope altogether in a bundle.
Like am falling from a hill I tumble and it feels like rumble in the jungle.

I really wonder why I love you,
I wonder really why I need you,
I ponder hard as to why I think you,
feel you, see you and talk you.

I love you I can’t explain it

Our love, I’ll live to protect it

You are all over my heart I can’t deny it

I’ll stay committed to you I won’t revoke it

Believe it


My love for you is maximal

My commitment to you is high not minimal

I’ll be sweet and caring to you not an animal

I feel like a high school and you are the principal


Your absence makes my heart go fonder

Why I love you this much I wonder

I promise you sweet love no blunder

Together forever no going asunder


Loving you is compulsory not an option

My love for you is of a different dimension

Not to mention I promise undivided attention

To shower you with love and affection

That’s my real intention

To make a long lasting sweet impression




I love you beyond explanation

To love and care for you that’s my inclination

I give my heart to you without hesitation

Why you chose me is beyond comprehension

This is my appreciation

Of how you’ve loved me without reservation

Love you dearly


My heart is set
Get ready get set
As we walk down the aisle
Behind us the bridal train file
Behold the smile on the face of my bride
Her beauty &the elegance of her sure stride
The woman of my dream ready for me to groom
Only you matters I see no one else in this room

My promise to love you is sure
Am wise enough to keep a love this pure
Love has never felt this good
My heart is filled I found my soul food
To you I will forever belong
Promise to do you right and never wrong

My decision to love you is certain

Of our relationship I promise to be a good captain

I love you the way you are no complain

You are sweet to me like fried plantain

I love you in ways more than my mind can contain


I love you like joseph loved Mary

I need you like a bride needs a groom to marry

You are like a major course I can’t afford to carry

Ready to make you mine for life I won’t tarry


My love for you is a verb it’s an action word

My love for you is an adjective it will qualify you

My love for you is without clause it will stay perfect for you

You mean the world to me believe my words


Your gladness makes me glad

Your sadness makes me sad

I promise you goodness never to go bad

Privileged to be loved by you

Being loved by you makes me glad

I really love I do


I’m attracted to you, true

I’m committed to you, still true

Connected to you like a plug and socket, very true

I love you most passionately, forever true


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