Cute Love Messages for Boyfriend | Cute Quotes for Boyfriend

Cute Love Messages for Boyfriend, Cute Quotes for Boyfriend

If love was a bird mine for you is an eagle.
If love was the sky, mine for you is deep blue.
If love was a flower, mine for you is a rose.
If love was light, mine for you is sun.
if love was white mine for you is snow.
If love was color mine for you is purple.
If love was deep, mine for you is endless.
Loving you is too deep for me to understand
it feels like my life depends on it,
I will do anything in the world but die to keep us alive.
Even if you don’t feel as strongly as I do,
let that which you feel show more than this.
I don’t know… I just love you

Love has no expectations
even if you don’t love me like I love you.
I still love you.
Nobody is going to love you better;
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody is going to take me higher
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody is going to make me feel this way,
I must love you all the way, stay with me.

Looking back I’m glad I chose you

Looking ahead I’m grateful I’ll be spending my future with you

Nothing compares with my commitment to you

My everything my better half my boo I love you


You are my everything

The center of my everything

Without you I could get very thin

For the love of you I would give everything

Having you is like having everything

I love you


Like an unending fever

You got me shaking all over

Just a touch and our fight is over

Like an ever flowing river

Ever flowing with loving current

Our love can never be over


Your perfection I love it

Your imperfection I can live with it

Your smile your laughter I can’t live without it

You are like my lungs I can’t breathe without it

You complete me and my life is incomplete without you in it


For your smile I could go a thousand miles

To make you happy

I’ll take my time I won’t be snappy

And because I love you dearly

I’m ready to become your baby daddy


looking at you day after day
I know we just going to make it.
Just to see the smile upon your face,
I know us just going to make it.
Everything I do I do for you and we
together we can reach the sky.

even when I feel out of place and it seems like I don’t belong
you are always there to pull me along.
With you I have never felt out of place.
You are the one because you hold the ace

You are the one

My heart is what you won

You are the one

With whom my life race I want to run

You are the one

Without whom my system won’t run

I love you for real not for fun


My love for you; Incredible

My plans for you; Incomparable

My respect for you; unimaginable

Breaking this heart of yours is unthinkable

The love we share is unbreakable

We are inseparable like a dj and the turntable


When inspiration deserts me

I think of you

When doubt overwhelms me

I remember how favor found me

When God gave me you

Grateful to God I didn’t miss out of been loved by you

I really do love you I do and before God and man its true




This love feels like magic

Ours is a sweet love story nothing tragic

This love feels awesome

We are a great mix of beautiful and handsome

God has been good to us He’s been awesome


Like a sweet love song

You drive away my weakness you make me strong

Like a comforting love letter

You drive my sadness you make me feel better

To the best of my ability our love can only get better


I’m stuck on you like a bad habit
Am fond of you like a carrot is to a rabbit.
Forever we will attract like the north and South Pole of a magnet.
No matter what you will forever be my target.

Spot light, big stage,
fans shouting out in rage.
That's the way I see you in my dreams.
You are my superstar, honey you are my shining star

Without you I’m a lone ranger

Without you it’s like I’m sleeping in a manger

Without you is risky it’s like danger

Without you even to myself I feel like a stranger


Wake up to life

Wake up to love

Wake up knowing I love you today

Better than I did yesterday

Good morning my dear I love you


Never forget that I love you

Sleep well knowing my most important business is you

Sweet dreams boo

I love you


You are sitting there

Wishing you are here

Perhaps it’s boring there

Knowing it would have been interesting here

In my heart I connect with you there

If it ever gets boring there

Just remember us together and a smile will cross your face there

Whether here or there I will always love you, yeah


I only miss you when I breathe

I will love you till I no longer can breathe

Like the very air that I breathe

Your absence makes it really hard to breathe

Our love is deep can’t measure the breadth and the width


Your smile, it drives me wild.
Your lips make me call for kiss.
Your eyes, it gives me butter flies.
Your nose, smell me when am close.
Your face, finer than anyone in this place
and you? only make me love you

It doesn’t matter if I met you before any guy you have met after me.
But what matter is that I met you at the time I did.
It was no accident but a divine arrangement.

However hard I try

Your absence is hard to bear

Colorful like a butterfly

So is my life when you are there

You are the apple of my eye

Priceless and very dear I love you my dear


You mean the world to me

Without you the world is nothing to me

You are the other half of me

The most beautiful and best half of me

I love you better than I love me


I hardly sleep these days

It’s been days since I last saw your fine face

I hardly smile these days

It’s been tough missing you for days

All I got is memories of how we past days

I love you in many and more ways


I know you love me

But I love you more

I know you need me

But I need more

Need I say more?

You is the one that I adore


The times we share together


The beauty and sweetness of you


The extent and depth of our love


I will love you now always and till I go breathless


When you are mad at me and chose to be alone,
I love you.
When you are angry with me because I have done something stupid,
I love you.
When you call me names because am the one to blame,
I love you.
No matter the situation,
I love you


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