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Love SMS

1.The brightness of the morning light
Reminds me how for you my love is bright
Good morning my beautiful sunlight
Good morning my dear
Wish I have you here
But even as you are over there
In my heart you are here
Have a great day for you I’ll always care

To my princess my treasure priceless
and the one who make me feel like a royal highness
I say have a great day.
I love you yesterday today and every other day

To the love of my life I say good morning,
to my better half may you always have reason to laugh
As you start today receive more grace to live as it has been written of you

Nice gifts are awesome
But I need you more my sweet charming handsome
All the money in the world
Cant replace you, you are the center of my world

I am in love with you
My heart my soul clings to you
You mean the world to me
I will need you till live no longer remains in me
I will always be in love with you

Love Messages

Call me once I will answer twice
Whatever you desire I will do it for you twice
Loving you as mine as been really nice
However much you love me I love you twice as nice
I hope the love in these messages show just as nice
I love you more than just the messages you are like stew to my rice
I love you apple of my eyes

Alone by myself I’m much
But with you I’m much more
I love myself this much
But I love you even much more
My love for you is stronger than before
I will love you daily better than the day before

A day without you feels like an ordinary day
Loving you gets better everyday
The love in these messages I hope you feel it everyday
And so today I will say it again like I did yesterday
Have a great day love you all the way

Love Quotes

the texts that you read are for a purpose.
That you may know my heart is with you
that's why I chose to compose this short prose
for the woman I love,
the princess that I chose to love.
Good morning.

Perhaps I miss you more than you miss me
or I probably love you more than I love me
or am just saying enjoying your reading my love,
success is yours with lots of kisses from me to you.
Love you dearly and have splendid day

Am sorry my baby, I slept off like a baby.
Hope you forgive me because am really sorry,
I did not plan to live you phone lonely.
Soon you will forget you miss me
when I hug and kiss you so sweetly.
LOVE you and have a wonderful day

I miss you like a mother misses her child,
your smile so gentle and mild.
Your passion, your love comforts me when the ride gets bumpy
and your eyes so sweet and lovely.

Romantic Messages

My princess made for me from heaven
perfect for me like number seven.
My angel her love for me is like none other
I love her like she is born of my mother.
I love you princess, I do.
Good morning

I cant see her I miss her
I need her yet she’s afar
I'm never the same when am without her
I love you and I miss you dear
Which you were not so far

Alone by myself
Missing the other part of myself
Feeling like a book in need of a shelf
My darling you are not here
My sweetheart you are not near
I miss you so much here
Hope you feel the same way there
I love you

Sweet Love Messages

Missing you aint cool
Got me acting like a fool
Emptiness take over me I no longer feel full
I miss you I do

Love has been good to me
An angel fell in love with me
Our love brings out the best in me
Been with you has been the best years of me
Never to let go off you never let go off me

Lying here wishing I have my baby here,
wishing I could just peck her here and there,
wishing I could hold my baby so dear
but she is far and not near.
Love and miss you so much my love
trust your night was sweet
have a wonderful day

Love Messages For Her

Our love will stand the test of time
Our love will overcome trials and test all the time
Our love will last long it will last a lifetime
Our love is for real not something to just pass time

I remember my life without you
Incomplete was I when I didn’t love you
Restless was I when I wasn’t loving you
You came you won my heart now I’m in love with you
take these words as a love message from me to you

Love Flows from my inside to you like an endless fountain
Our love stands for sure like an ancient mountain
No going back on my commitment perfection is what our love shall attain
I connect with you like a siamese connected by brain
I love you that's my message you'll always be my her

Love Messages For Him

Distance may separate us
yet passionate love binds us
work may take our time
yet in our heart we connect at all time
and may God who author time
bless you all the time.
Good morning dear

To us distance is not a place of separation
but a place of been together and one in the spirit.
Morning sweetness hope your night was restful have an insightful day.


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