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Like Adam loved Eve in GENESIS
I love you same way this is my REVELATION
I'll go all the way for you, this is our EXODUS
I love you more than words this shows in my ACTS
You can be my queen I'll love you with the love of KINGS
I'll be your JOSHUA you'll be my ESTHER
This is love with no LAMENTATIONS
Love you enough to sing you SONG OF SONGS
Sweet words of love feels like a romance
This is my love letter not a letter to the ROMANS
Never to confuse you with HEBREWS I’ll speak to you in love
Sweet love like TITUS I love you & I love us
Till the end of time in love we shall make our MARK


You precious to me like my eyeball

Wonderful to behold like a water fall

My heart is what you are

By my side is where I want you not afar


Life is much sweeter

When the one you love is close to you like a sister

Our love is a lot better

Cause it goes beyond Facebook and twitter

Sweetness is what I wish us nothing bitter


Soft music reminds me of your sweetness

The calmness of the night reminds me of you

So glad I found you my darling my boo

I’m so in love with you


When my love for you get tested

I get all the more interested

In how I can love you better

Now is when I will love you not later

Love you always in worse and in better


You are like a sweet melody in my heart

Reaching into the very depth of me

I love you beyond words that’s a fact

I love you more than I love me

And I pray it stays like that



I love you with this heart of mine
me without you is not cool and fine
you by my side is so sweet like wine
so glad I'm yours and you are mine
with love i send this to you from this heart of mine


Love at first sight it was not

Love that went right it was

To break your heart I will not

I will love you for better for worse

And it will get better for us not worse

I love you and I love us


Like flower in a vase you beautify my life

My promise is to love you for life

To live as husband and wife

In peace and love no strife

With much love from your best friend for life


My hands miss you cause I aint holding you

My lips miss you cause I aint kissing you

My darling my everything is you

I just want to better love you for you


The extent of my love for you knows no boundary

I give you my love to others I set a boundary

I will go all the way with you it doesn’t matter the country

No doubting and fretting I will love you

Forever no doubt don’t worry


In my thought you are there

When you are far in my heart you remain near

No letting go off you we go well

Together like chicken and beer

Nothing to worry nothing no fear

For you I will always be there


we go well together like bread & egg
if I ever offend you on my knees I'll get down and beg
you are my eyes, my heart, my soul even my leg
forever with you because you hold me down like a peg

I said it before and i say it again
my love is for free there's nothing to bargain
to be your comfort whenever you feel pain
to see you happy is my only true gain
I said it before and I've said it again

Forward ever no rewind

Going ahead with you no getting behind

I love you beyond the looks not about your curves and your behind

No breaking us apart every haters of our love we cast and we bind


Connected to you like trees and branches

We go together like thunderstorm and lightning flashes

Your love is my drug can’t get by without this

I love you for real am serious about this


I can be the wheel you can be the barrow

You can be the ink I can be the biro

Am struck by your love like a flying arrow

With no wings I can’t fly like the sparrow

Flying on the wings of our love sweetheart you are my hero


You are the icing on my life cake

The sweetness of my love cake

You heart is mine to keep not mine to break

Stuck on you like butter icing on a sweet cake


Without your love am like a house with no foundation

Like a soccer team with no formation

So is a me without the presence of my one and only companion


Let’s fly away together am a good pilot
lets reach for the sky & leave behind horses and chariot
i promise you peace and love not commotion and riot
I'll stay faithful to you, never to be your Judas Iscariot

My love my treasure my friend

To the reign of our love may there be no end

My darling my dearest my sweetheart

I love you deeply and dearly

I pray it stays like that


I found true love when I found you

True friendship is what we share I and you

Through the tough times you have remained my darling boo

Always in love with you


Every movie comes to an end

Our love plays like a love movie with no pause and no end

No stopping my love for you, viva to the end


I love you don’t doubt it

What you feel for me don’t fight it

True love I promise you and I will keep it

Love you beyond words my actions shows it


Without you am like twitter with no tweets

Like a child with no candy and no sweet

So is a me without you

Empty like a mouth with no teeth


If I ever say never
it would be; Never to break your heart
whenever i say never
I must be saying; I'll never tear us apart
I will always say never
to anything ever that ever tries to keep our love from lasting forever

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