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Cute Love SMS, Cute Words of Love

My love is true not to be doubted
my love is for you not to be discarded
I love you for you nothing is to be painted
I love me and you never to be parted
a sweet night to you, enjoy your sleep and get rested

My love you are the best

In our love I find peace and rest

It’s you I love and I got no time for the rest

I aint gonna ever leave you

So keep calm and keep your mind at rest


Though love hurt sometimes

But I will stay with you at all times

Through the pain, the love, the hurt, the smiles

I’ll remain your best friend for life


My sweetheart for you I will

Keep calm and keep still

Trust me I love you for real

Our best is yet to come love you forever

What we share is the real deal


I think of you and a smile cross my face

Though you’re far and not in this place

Yet I love you like we’re together in this place

It’s you I love and will take to my mama’s place


Our love is like a race with no end

Through the ups and downs we won’t come to an end

My promise is to love you like a friend

Till my life come to an end


I'm writing you this love letter
As i hope in time our love gets better
to love you more & not make you run helter skelter
to say i do to you before God & man at the altar

My choice is you all the same

My love is true it will stay the same

Though I age and don’t remain the same

Remember my promise of love to you will stay the same


I stay up all night

Composing sweet words of love

For my darling sweetheart

Sweet words for the one I cherish


I love you and I’ll do anything to prove it

Undying love I got for you believe it

I love you with a love this big

Don’t ever forget it


Believe me when I say it’s over

Over with lying and cheating

Believe me when I say am done

Done with the life of a player

I found true love in you and I want to live

The rest of my life with you


I‘m showered by your love

Showered by your love like pouring rain from above

Blessed by your love like unforgettable gift from God above


you are my most important business
my life without you is like a life full of sickness
i love you with my whole heart God bears me witness
never to leave you lonely like an empty bottle of Guinness

Your love is food to my soul
I’m missing a rib you make me whole
like a square peg in a round hole
so is me without you
your love is music to my soul

The look of love in your eyes

I can’t help but see

The fluttering of butterflies on my inside

Can’t help but feel

When you come close to me i can’t keep still

A thousand years from now I will love you still


Time and time again

I will pledge my love to you again

Never again will I ever be the source of your pain

Believe these words of mine

Coming from within this heart of mine


I fall in love with you over and over again

Your sweet love gladdens my heart time and time again

Am so glad to have you this I’ll say

In front of a million congregation again


I do not have all God knows

Our love is all I got and it shows

Never to let go of the best thing that ever happened to me, you


The fire of your love warms me every day

The depth of our love I discover every day

I will always want you

I will always love you

I will forever remain the best friend of you


As a mother's love for her child
so is my love for you my bride
through thick and thin
my love for you will never grow thin
committed to only you
no matter what I'll always love you

Surrounded by the sweetness of your love

You is the angel of me send from heaven above

I’ll love you till the last day of forever

My promise of love I’ll keep till my life is over


You are like the music that gets me dancing

The melody that get me singing

Addicted to you am not leaving

Can’t get enough of you this is like recycling


Sweet drops of flavoured honey that’s you

Delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream that’s you

Strong, determined and faithful still you

I love you I really do


Tears of love roll down my eyes

Love has found me you make my dreams come true

Never to toy with what we share

I love you loads


Love is sweet when it’s true

Love is sweetest when it’s I and you

If ever I feel down I think of you

And all my sadness I forget


Still glad it was you I chose
ever grateful it was me you chose
your love your commitment to us it shows
our love our bond it grows
our best is yet to come God knows


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