Free Birthday Greetings SMS

Birthday sms

This is a sweet birthday message

From me to you arranged like a comprehensive package

It’s your birthday may your joy be full like a crowded passage

Prosperity is what I wish you and may your years grow the way God has arranged

Sweet birthday wishes to you, cheers


I wish you a happy birthday may you not receive condolences

I wish you a sweet birthday may your life experience greater performances

I wish you a sweeter birthday than your past birthday may you get pleasant surprises

Sweet happy birthday is what I wish you

free birthday greetings

It’s your birthday today enjoy your day

your birthday is not tomorrow but may you enjoy it anyway

May the joy of birthday celebrations take over you today

Cheers to you, happy birthday

Sweet is how I wish your birthday will be

Sweeter is how I pray the years ahead of you will be

Sweetest is how I pray your life will be

No matter what the situation around you will be

Birthday wishes to you from me


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