Good Day Messages | Good Morning Messages

Good Morning Messages, Say Good Morning with Love, Its a Good day to Say I Love You

Everyday should be your birthday
you sleep at night and wake up on a new day
I love you at night and i still do all day
i wish you a great day
better than you had yesterday


Good morning my love
My love my gift from god above
The one I place no one above
Except God above


The sun is a winner in the daytime
You my love is a winner all the time
This morning this daytime
Accept this as token of my love I’ll love you for all time


In the morning I will love you

At night I’ll still love you

All day all night my love for you will remain alright

Have a great day and stay alright


With you by my side I’m alright

Me without you is not right

To live without you will be very wrong

To do you right is my desire not wrong


My love for you is higher than the mountains

Deeper than the oceans

This love is sweeter than plantain

I mean what I say this is no mere emotions


When I close my eyes I see you

If you look into my eyes you will see I love you

You are the apple of my eyes

And I promise to always love you


It’s a lovely day

Another day to say I love you today

Better than I loved you yesterday

Good morning dear have a good day

The night time gives way to the daytime
I’ll love you today and for all my lifetime
This morning one more time I say it one more time
I love you believe it all the time


In the morning when the sun goes shining
it’s you I’ll be loving and into your eyes I’ll be looking
and this I’ll be saying I love you no forming


I’ll go the extra mile for you
Whatever you need I’ll buy double for you
But when the day breaks through
I’ll say good morning to you
With plenty of love I love you
Morning boo


I will love you forever: yes

I will love you more not less

However hard things get

I will love you nevertheless



when you are far from me

loneliness takes over me

when distance draws us apart

I miss you and boredom tears me apart

I miss you and I love you from the depth of my heart


I miss you its no lies

I love you it shows in my eyes

Your absence leaves me empty like a plate with no rice

Like a day break with no sunrise so is how I miss you


Day after day I’m convinced everyday

Week after week our love gets stronger not weak

Year after year I will love you always

And I will always be here


You and I can never be over

I belong to you won my heart over

I will love you over and over again

Till my life is over

You are the answer to my marital prayer,
the answer to my mother desire,
my heart throb and best friend,
my love for you there is no end
thanks for choosing me love you plenty.

Thank you for the love
thank you for the care
thank you for the understanding
thank you for been a friend
thank you for been a priceless jewel.
Love you most dearly.

To say I love you I can never lack the words

To prove you mean the world to me

I will use actions not words

More than words I love you believe me


When the night falls

My love for you will stand and not fall

When the day breaks

My love for you will remain strong it won’t break


My decision to love you is final

I will care for you body soul and spirit I’m not carnal

I’m attracted to your external

I admire your internal

More than anything else my love for you is eternal


I promise you to be faithful

Believe what I say I’m truthful

I pray that our love will be fruitful

Whether high or low may our love for each other remain full


You will always matter to me

You will always be a star to me

You will always be dear to this heart of me

Love you dearly with every fiber of men


I wished you goodnight
now I wish you a better morning
get up and go no yawning
still got love for you no worrying
forward ever backward no going
you are the best keep shining

Someone asked me

What do I like about me

I smiled and said the fact that an angel is in love with me

You is the angel of me

I love you with all of me


In the morning

My love for you will be standing not falling

At night my love for you will be alright

Like the sunlight may our love shine bright


To others I might say no

To you I will say I will say yes

When my mood goes low

And my joy stays less

I think of you my hero


Some will say good morning
some will say how was your night
but I say both with some loving
for you my love shines bright
so glad to have you alive this morning
have a great day be sure to stay alright


Colorful like a flower garden
so is how I wish your day this morning
cheerful like a baby giggling
so will your day go no worrying
love you all night and all morning
to you my love I say good morning


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