Happy Birthday Message to a Friend

Romantic birthday message


God’s love has kept you till today

I loved you yesterday and I still do today

May your birthday be a sweet memorable day

From a heart that cares and love you happy birthday


May love surround you on your birthday

May sweetness embrace you on your birthday

Like the embrace of a lover feels on a cold day

So shall peace encompass you today

Sweet romantic birthday wishes from your darling


Like the sweetness of kisses from your sweetheart

So shall the feelings on your birthday be

Like the light of fireflies beautifies a garden, so will my love beautify you on your birthday

May we together see many more birthdays

Romantic birthday wishes to you from your sweetheart


I love you god knows I do

God loves you that is very true too

He has made you see another birthday and I am so happy for you

May love lift you up as you celebrate His goodness to you

I love you and happy birthday to you


Sweet is how you are to me

Sweet is how your life will be

As you celebrate your birthday I promise to always with thee

Happy birthday to you this is coming from the very heart of me


Its an achievement to be a year older

Its an achievement our love has waxed stronger

May you live many more years may your life last longer

And as you celebrate today may the you will experience be a source of wonder
happy birthday from your romantic sweetheart


This is my prayer for you on your birthday

Your eyes will see prosperity and you will live to enjoy it everyday

This is my promise to you on your birthday

I will love you to the best of my ability and I will remain with you all the way

Happy birthday dear from your baby that loves you night and day


Its your birthday may your life always experience day

And all your dark situations may the good lord take away

And as you celebrate peace joy and prosperity today may it stay that way

I love and always will I do everyday

Happy birthday


Today as you celebrate life

May you receive blessings to help you enjoy life

Today as you celebrate your birthday

May you receive blessings to help you prosper everyday

Its your day today and I wish you a sweet romantic birthday celebrations

Happy Birthday Message to a friend

Happy birthday most cherished friend

as you celebrate today may the sorrows in your life come to an end

happy brithday, my valuable companion

as you celebrate today may God connect you with valuable companions

may you celebrate many more years

no longer will you experience sorrow and tears


Happy birthday
i pray that good things will come your way
Happy birthday
i pray the things that make you sad will go away
i wish you a happy birthday may happiness be what you experience everyday


they say weeping endures for the night but joy comes in the morning
i pray that weeping shall not be found in your life and may your joy last beyond the morning
happy birthday cheers

sweet happy birthday messages

May sweetness enter your life in large packages

Prosperity and you shall go well together like horse and carriages

Good news shall be your portion you shall receive sweet messages

I wish you a happy birthday

they said easy come easy go
but may the good things that came easy for you never go
may you read the best for every good things you sow
may prosperity be real to you and not a shadow
happy birthday cheers

birthdays comes birthdays go
but may the birthday blessing you receive never go
sometimes things are good sometimes things are bad
but may the good things in your life never go bad
I wish you  a happy birthday
may the happiness in your life never go sad


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