Happy Birthday Text Message for Husband

happy birthday message for husband

God’s love has kept you till today

I loved you yesterday and I still do today

May your birthday be a sweet memorable day

From a heart that cares and love you happy birthday

birthday message for husband

May love surround you on your birthday

May sweetness embrace you on your birthday

Like the embrace of a lover feels on a cold day

So shall peace encompass you today

Sweet romantic birthday wishes from your darling

happy birthday text message

Like the sweetness of kisses from your sweetheart

So shall the feelings on your birthday be

Like the light of fireflies beautifies a garden, so will my love beautify you on your birthday

May we together see many more birthdays

Romantic birthday wishes to you from your sweetheart

birthday text message

I love you God knows I do

God loves you that is very true too

He has made you see another birthday and I am so happy for you

May love lift you up as you celebrate His goodness to you

I love you and happy birthday to you

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