I Love You Messages | Say I Love You With These

I Love You Messages, Say I Love in a Classy way

you are killing me softly
like a soft wind you blowing gently
you got me tripping badly
This love is kung Fu and now am jet li

My heart is opened to your love
I receive you as a gift from above
I swear by the moon and stars above
To always be the man you love to love

At night I’ll love you

In the morning I’ll still love you

A splendid day is what I wish you

From the bottom of my heart this is what I pray for you


Your love beautifies me like an adornment

I love you with a strong commitment

So glad you are mine this is an achievement

Love you forever there shall be no replacement


Quit worrying it’s you I’ll always be loving

Dry your eyes no crying

Love got us both like a kite high flying

No denying I love you dearly I’m not lying

With you the marital knot I’ll be tying


My love for you aint lies

No hiding it, it shows in my eyes

Like the fluttering of garden butterflies

So is the flame of love I see in your eyes

We go very well together like suits and ties

I love you dearly this aint lies




The promises I made the words that I said

They are from my heart not from my head

I love you from your toes to the top of your head

I love you dearly on and off the bed


To love you always my mind is made up
To treasure you with or without make up
Through the good and bad never to break up
Am living my dreams don’t want to wake up

These two things I promise you
To remain ever true to you
To say the truth and never lie to you
All I want to do is love you for you

Violets are blue roses are red

I just want to be the butter on your bread

Violets are blue roses are red

Without you I’m like a lonely butter with no bread

Violets are blue roses are red

Without you I get moody and my eyes go red

I love you let that be in your mind and not your head


You occupy my mind and you fill my head

You complete me like a pillow compliments a bed

Like a cute cap beautifies the head

So is how you are when you lying on our bed

I love you beyond what we do on the bed

Near or far tom you I’ll stay committed


I’m willing and able’

To love you like a man should I’m capable

I’m reliable and stable

In loving you I’ll never go disable

Believe these words of mine this is no baby babble

Never to burst our love bubble


You are worth more than gold

Your beauty is obvious for everyone to behold

In marital union your hands I want to hold

I’ll love you in my youth and when we are both old


I want you close I need you even closer

Your beauty like a rose is seen by every beholder

My life is rosy with you it gets even rosier

With you my good only gets better

I’ll love you for worse and for better


I tried to text you
But no words came through
Still I had to reach you
Priceless treasure of a high value
In three words I LOVE YOU



Searching for the right words
To describe how our love works
Can’t find none I seem to get lost
What our love worth what it really costs
Hard to say can’t put it in words

You light up my night like fire flies
I kiss your lips and give you butterflies
Am tongue tied captured by the love in your eyes
Just want to say I do, you bright like the sunrise
In the night time I can be your moonlight
When the day breaks I can be your sunlight
Honey You are my star I see you in limelight
You flood my life with light brighter than torchlight
Just say you love me and then am alright

You make me want to get married

I’m a changed man my past is dead and buried

True love I got for you real and valid

Every other girl looks like an invalid


I’m so lost in you

No longer can I be found

I’m so in love with you

You got me high like a kite far above the ground

I love you; I do 24/7 all year round


From a heart that cares to a heart that cares even better

Comes this refreshing words of love like fresh water

May our love always bring us laughter

I love you I do and it can only get better


I miss you I really do

Without you I’m lonely that’s true

I need you I really do

A great helper you’ve been that’s true

I don’t want to live through life without you


I love you real good

But you love me even better

I care for you this good

But you care for me even better

I kiss you this good

But you kiss me deeper and even better

I love how you love me better

You make my good even better


From here to there
I’ll love you everywhere
Am sure of what we share
Be still my love no need to fear
Through thick and thin I'll always be there
You are my treasure your heart I hold very dear

For you I wrote this song
though you tore my heart my apart
you let our love fall to the ground flat
though I did you no wrong

All my rights you paid back with wrong
Two wrongs don't make a right
I'll still love you in the day and in the night
Loving you was right yet you made it wrong

What we shared was strong enough
You wasted it on the laps of Delilah
All I cared about was our love and its survival
I won’t hurt I won’t cry I know am strong enough

Missing you is not good

It’s like going for days with no food

I hate it when I miss you but what can I do

Nothing but just hope you miss me like I do


I pray God takes care of you

For only God loves you more than I do

I pray life treats you fairly

In this life its only you I love this dearly

I pray your wishes come true

I love you I most sincerely do


When life gives you a no

I’ll be there to give you a yes

When life gets cold and you see is snow

I’ll be your warmth never to leave you friendless


Incomplete am I without you by my side

Your absence makes me feel left aside

Can’t help but want you by my side

Thank you for standing by my side

I love you however smooth or rough the ride


Swimming in an ocean of your love

I’m overwhelmed by your love

You’ve been the icing on my life cake

It’s a great joy seeing you when I wake

My one and only I love like a fat kid loves cake


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