Love Messages for Girlfriend | Love Messages for Boyfriend

Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Always on my mind
She's one of a kind even my mother loves her
She's always on my mind how can I not love her
She is a dream come true I want to live life with her
I lack the right words to describe her
She's my everything just want to be the best for her

I believe in us I can't give up
We're meant to be and heading for the top
Friends forever we can't break up
Let's walk down the aisle let's step up
Just want to say I do I “don” love up

You are the melody my heart sings to

The one my heart clings to

The one I love and belong to

The harmony my tenor needs like alto


Loving you is like icing on my cake

Just want to be giving you I got no plans to take

What I do for you I do for love sake

I just want to be your icing you can be my cake


No sleeping, but I’ll be your sweet dreams

No bad experience, won’t be your nightmare

When you need me won’t get lost I’ll be right there


The extent of my love for you is beyond measure

Valuable like a priceless jewel you is the one I treasure

Always to make you happy never to subtract your pleasure


I’ll love you in mathematics

Multiply your joy subtract your sadness

True love this is no gimmicks

Love you like royalty you are my princess


One plus one is equals to two
am in love with you and its equals to true
no flirting again am done am through
let’s get married want to walk down the aisle with you
I want nothing more just want to be with you


Heaven doesn't seem far any more
you satisfy my longing now i want no more
my best friend my love to you i pour
i love you this deep yet I'll still love you more

You are the door way to my heart

And you hold the keys to my heart

Like the extra keys to my flat

I love you and it will surely stay like that


Our love is like a song you are the harmony

Without you our love goes off key and stays flat

I’ll love you whether you are curvy or just flat

You enrich me I love you more than I love money

I really do love you believe me


Loyal to you I can’t deny you

You are like gravity to me I can’t defy you

In ups and in downs I’ll stay beside you

Only God matters most to me aside you

I love you and want to be the heart that beat inside you


If I must lie it must be to protect you

If I must cheat I must be cheating death to stay around you

If I must fight I must be fighting to keep our love and my promise to you


Like an elevator you elevate me

I celebrate you sweet lover of me

You is the better half of me

The filler of the vacuum of me

Love you like I love the good side of me


Would you be my valentine?
Would you please be mine?
With your face this fine
I will love you now and beyond valentine

Speechless is how you make me sometimes

Breathless is how you leave me other times

Head over heels in love with you is how I feel at all times

Love you till the end of time


Alone am in half with you I’m whole

I’m connected to you in body and soul

On with you like a shoe and it’s sole

You complete me like a square peg in a square hole


There’s no denying

Am in love with you this is no lying

On the wings of our love am now flying

Our marriage knot we shall soon be tying

No stopping it’s you I’ll always be loving


Am not afraid to love you

Boundless love I have for you

I commit my all to only you

Never to deny you I’ll forever be loving you


You give my life harmony like a song in alto and tenor

You are the sweetness my life enjoys like sugar and honey

I’m enriched by you like bags of gold and money

Love you dearly my sweetheart my honey


To your love am now addicted
Our two hearts is now connected
Other guys are now neglected
You changed me am now affected
Our love is now perfected
Am yours forever you got me arrested?

Dynamic is our love not static

Strong like iron not plastic

Our love is more than basic this love is classic

Glad I chose you this feeling is awesome Am ecstatic


I’ll love you with actions more than just words

I’ll speak once but I’ll act twice

Even when you vex me I’ll still act nice

Believe me my dear these are true words


I celebrate you my darling

I’m elevated by your loving

Undying love I got for you no lying

You got me high like a kite am just flying


I’m privilege to be loved by you

And I promise to always stand by you

Glad I said hi when I was first met you

These sweet words are inspired by you

Forever in love with you

Never to be discouraged not even by you


Like a love song with sweet lyrics

So is how you are to me better believe this

Am conditioned to love only you I can’t reverse this


Becomes one
Me and you is like one plus one
Me without you is like one minus one
Am in love with you my number one
The man of your dreams am the one
With you in my life two becomes one

Beautiful like a red rose
from your head to your beautiful toes
your fine face with your pointed nose
where you came from only God knows
can’t hide my love like the sun light it shows


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