Love Messages for Her

You are like a favorite song I sing along
How can I run from a love this strong
Loving you can never be wrong
I just want to do you right and not wrong
I want to be there for you
To be the best friend of you
To bring out the best in you
To love you for you
I love you I really do


I love you and it’s you I cherish
Like a tasty dish it’s you I relish
Our love will live it won’t perish
I’ll care for you like the pastor of a church parish


To love you I know I can

To love you forever that’s the plan

To live you lonely that I can’t

You in my heart at all times like an implant


Why I love you make no sense to me

Loving you like am senseless from the inside of me

A fool I am for you even I surprise me

Going all the way for you even I can’t stop me

My love for you is never ending believe this words from me


I will love you in different flavour

Love in harmony for you like soprano and tenor

How I found you is beyond me it’s God’s favour

These words are beyond me they was inspired in your favour




I do not promise you a perfect love life
But I promise to love you for life
I do not promise heaven on earth
But I promise to be down to earth
I do not promise you the impossible
But I promise to love you as much as possible

to my present sweetheart in time of need
it's you I love and will always need
and as long as I got life inside of me
you will always be the better half of me


I bless the day we met

Safe in my memory where it’s kept

I’ll stay beautiful for you never unkempt

My heart I give to you please accept


The brightness of the sunlight

Can’t compare with my love for you

My promise to you is to do you right

I love you for you I chose you for the personality that makes you


I can’t love you too much

I don’t know why I love you this much

Priceless like a rare gem you deserve this much

However much I love you it still can never be too much





for you I will bring down the sun
for you I will do a million and one
for you are my love and the one
with whom our two becomes one
I'm made for just one and you is the one


I pledge my love to you
To be faithful to you
To love you and never lie to you
To be the best man for you
To turn your smile to frown for you
To make you happy I found you
For this I write this rhyme for you
Love you


I was lost but you found me
You had options but you chose me
Why you chose me is beyond me
As long as I got life inside of me
You’ll always be the better half of me


I'll thrill you beyond manila
I'll be sweet to you beyond vanilla
I'll take your breath away but won’t be a killer
I'll be your Nike and I'll be your Fila
I'll get you high on a plateau beyond mambilla
I'll be good to you never to act like a gorilla
I'll stand by you, I'll be your pillar


I know what I feel for you, it’s real

My heart beat in me for you that’s for real

Take me for my word am in love for real

To be yours forever am ready to sign the deal


I bet you know I love you

To be yours only no doubting you

No worry no fretting never to leave you

These words are true I wrote them for just you


I will protect you like a loving daddy

I will care for you like a loving mummy

Sweet love for you creamy and yummy

Your wish my command, just want to be your dummy


Our love is the best

Standing strong no matter the test

Forever your sweetheart won’t relent

No cheating no lying I already repent




I loved you yesterday
I love you today
and I'll still do tomorrow
I love you when we play
I love you it’s not a play
I'll love you beyond tomorrow
I'm all yours today
I'm all yours forever
I'm all yours in joy no sorrow
for you I could be a liar
for you I could pass through fire
but I won’t because I love you with a strong desire
I’ll say the truth always never to be a liar
you are the light of my fire



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