Love Messages for Her | Love Messages for Him

Sweet Love Messages for Him for Her

this is my promise to you
to help you be a better you
to be your friend & never to hurt you
to make you happy that i found you
I promise to never break my promise to you

I pledge my undying love to you

When the going gets tough I will stay in love with you

To ever remain the best friend of you

That’s my undying promise to you

I love you I do


Precious is what we share

It’s golden

Priceless jewel is what you mean to me

You are golden

You mean the world to me

My promise of love to you can’t be broken


I want to grow old with you

To be and remain the best friend of you

When everything around makes no sense to you

I just want to make perfect sense to you


This is love like you never had it
sweetness like you never tasted it
friendship like you never imagined it
I love you for real & I need you to believe it

So much is my love for you

That I feel it when something bothers you

I love you believe me I do

No matter how circumstances make it seem untrue

True is my love for you


Irreplaceable are you

Generous to me is you

Unbreakable is my promise to you

The better half of me is you

The keys to my heart I give you

I love you that’s true


From this moment

On my love for you I promise an improvement

On my promise to love you no disappointment

From good to better so shall be our love

There shall be development


You came to me like a gift from God above

I look into your eyes I see sweetness I see love

Nothing matters to me more than you except God

I love you I do true to God



I think you all day

I dream you all night

Ready to go with you all the way

I got you in my life and with this am alright


Your Man
I'm your man no changing that
I'm in love with you, I love it like that
never to leave you never to break your heart
Now & for all time you'll always be my sweetheart


Bright beautiful flowers reminds me of you

Your beauty is what I cherish about you

Your brightness and cheerfulness is what I love about you

No changing my commitment to you I love you


Am set in my decision

More than words I’ll put my love in action

Can’t hold back

Loving you is my passion


Am in love with a beautiful you

Never that same when I’m without you

Completeness s what I feel when me is combined wth you

Without you am like alphabet without you


Missing my baby

Missing my lady

Can’t help but want to have you around daily

When you is the one I love deeply and dearly

Love you dear


You are the princess I love to love

And am the prince that loves to love you

The king in me loves the queen in you

Our love is royalty and that is true


My Love
my love will find a way to you
in my heart all i want is be with you
believe me my love for you is true
till i breathe my last I'll forever be in love with you


You make perfect sense to me

When nothing makes sense to me

You reassure me

Thanks for loving me for me

And for making me a better me than you met me

Love you dearly


Favor found me

When your sweet love found me

Goodness found me when you choose to love me

I love you better than I love me

You will always be the better half of me


I love you, this is true
want to be the best, yes for you
priceless treasure, that's what i call you
the apple of my eyes, that's how i see you
you are my dream true, I just want to love you


Magical is this feeling

Sensational is this tingling

It’s you I fancy and it’s me you are tickling

In love I am and for you I am singing

In loving you I am rising like the rising sun shinning

For you it all loving no whining

Made just for you no cheating

Cut me and its love I’ll be bleeding

No fronting, it’s you I’ll be needing

In offence, with you I’ll be pleading

To you I’ll be giving less taking steadfast in my love for you no shaking

In hunger, for you I’ll be cooking

Cakes for you I’ll be baking

Love with you I’ll be making

In my sleep and in my waking

About you I will be thinking

You got me high no drinking

Got my eyes on you no blinking

I’ll spend my money on you no thinking

On you I will be banking

For you more money I’ll be making

Like the mouse it’s you I will be clicking

You are my baby it’s you I will be tickling

No bickering, to you I’ll be listening

With you I’ll be winning

It’s you I will be electing no rigging

Wedding bells be ringing wedding songs be singing

The bride I’ll be kissing it’s you I’ll be marrying

For better for worse no leaving


Am so into you

How I love you so

I don’t know

How you get to be you

It’s hard for me to know

How you captured my heart only God knows

Unbreakable is my love for you this I know


Like Fresh water in a dry place

So is the joy in my heart when I see your face

Like fresh meat in a place of dry bone

So is my state of mind when am with my own

Never to leave you alone

Never to be alone when I have you as my own


I have you I do not own you

Privileged am I to be loved by you

Favoured am I to be the one to make you happy for being you

I love you true to God I do


You captured my heart with your magic

You are the melody in my heart I love your music

On repeat in my heart like sweet music

Can’t lose you what we share is magic

I love you, yes I said it before
believe me, forget the lies you heard before
i will love you now & after, forget the before
never to make you sad I will multiply your joy by four
my love for you is strong like a range rover four by four

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