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Love Poems for Her

Most ladies love a thoughtful love poem from their partner especially poems about her beauty; right here we have a collection of Romantic Poems for her, Love poems for your wife or girlfriend

1. darling my love for you is sparkling

like fresh water from a cool spring

you alone will i give a wedding ring

with you forever will i stay no matter what the future bring


2. the depth of my love for you in unsearchable

my promise of love to you is irreversible

to live my life without you is inconceivable

the undying love that we both share shall be unbreakable


3. to keep our love alive i am committed to it

my responsibility to you i won’t run away from it

the sweetness of your love for me i am addicted to it

my heart is yours your heart is mine i will never break it


4. i mean it when i say i love you

i say it the way i meant it when i say i can’t break up with you

grateful am i to God for bringing me close to you

i appreciate your love for me and with even more love i will repay you


5. i will do all i can to keep our love alive

through the good and bad our love will always survive

if our love ever goes down by God's grace it will revive

i will now and always and as long as i remain alive


6. i will love you for a life time

i will give you my attention no matter the time

i will come to you on time but i won’t leave on time

whether near or far you are on my mind all the time


7. i will be good to you regardless of how i feel

i will always be here for you, you won’t know how loneliness feels

i will be your friend indeed provide you with all the things you need

i will be a giver not a taker i won’t use you to satisfy my need


8. to love you endlessly that's my mission

to love you whether we have or lack provision

to love you today better than yesterday without repetition

to love to make your good better i won’t be your competition


9. your sweetness is addictive

you are sweeter than ice cream you are delicious

your love is all i desire your love is infectious


Poems About Her Beauty

A relationship cannot be said to be exciting or romantic if the partners don’t send love poems to each other, if you love that person and you are thinking about them, you should express it, especially if distance separates both of you, serenade your partner with this collection of love poems that is especially about her beauty.

10. i have got a message for

it’s a message of how much i love you

it’s a message of assurance that i will love no other but you

it’s a message of commitment that come what may i will never stop loving you


11. i know your real worth i value you

i know you deserve better i will be your best ever

i know it wont always be rosy but i will still love you

i know you have experienced heartbreak but i wont break your heart not ever


12. these words of mine are not empty

i wont entice you with words very lengthy

i will love you very dearly

our love will be better than yesterday, it will get better yearly


13. you plus me, equals one

to keep you happy i want to be the one

with me, your battle with heartbreak is already won


14. i can never lack words to express my love for you

i can never lack love to love you for a lifetime with

deep and wide is my love for you i can’t measure the width

i can never disconnect from you, my heartbeat is you


15. you are too good to be true

you are so good and i am glad you are true

i cant take my eyes off you

i am already very lost in you

i promise to remain very good to you


16. i love you more than i love me, my love is selfless

i love you more than i can measure my love is endless

i love you more than costly valuables you are priceless

i love you yesterday, today and tomorrow my love is timeless


17. i think of you and my hunger disappears

in your absence my hunger for you reappears

in your presence my loneliness and boredom disappears

one kiss from you makes me high somehow my wings appear


18. my darling is incredible, her impression of love upon me is indelible

my darling is awesome she makes everybody want some

i cherish my sweetheart she means the world to me she is the queen of my heart


I Love You Poems for Her

The female form is an expression of God's creativity, her curves, the gentle swell of her various elements, her sweetness, her gentle nature that makes her naturally caring, the female form in whatever form draws admiration and attention of men from all walks of life, the following love poems is for the woman you love and cherish, i hope she would love it.

19. Without her it’s hard to face reality

Without her loneliness becomes an everyday reality

Without i am incomplete, this i say in all sincerity

i am committed to loving only her i won’t abandon my integrity


20. In the sea of a million beautiful faces that i see

Your face is all that i see

In the sea of smiling faces that i see

Your smile is all that i see

Your beautiful face, your cute smile are just extras

i love you for the things that i cannot see


21. Falling in love with you is unregrettable

Staying committed to you as been enjoyable

I know misunderstandings will be unavoidable

But my love for you shall be unbreakable and unshakeable

To love you for a lifetime i am capable


22. On a platter of gold God gifted you to me

Much costlier than gold you are priceless to me

Whatever the cost i will invest in you

You are like a fixed asset to me always bringing returns to me


23. These words are to express my love for her

More than just words i will love her whether near of far

i hold her in high esteem no one can replace her

She is the apple of my eyes i am meant for just her


24. When i said i do

I meant it, without reservation, i do

When you are wrinkled and stretched i will still do

Forgetting my promise of love is one thing i won’t do


25. I wrote this romantic poems for you

About your beauty I wrote This sweet poem for you

Your hair like the mane of an elegant stallion beautifies you

About your beauty I wrote This sweet poem for you

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