Love Poems For Her | Romantic Poems for Her

Sweet Love Poems For her, Romantic Love Poems Your Darling Will Love

the sun is bright
your eyes are bright
May your day be filled with sunlight
Have a great day take care and be alright

I loved you yesterday
Love you still this morning
Enjoy the best of today
to you I say good morning


Your kind is good to take home

Your kind makes a house a home

You kind makes one stay and never again to roam

I love you with you I feel at home

Like an Italian feels in Rome


With you my life is not a waste

I love you beyond your curves and your waist

I’ll love you forever I want more than just a taste

I love your inner beauty more than your figure eight


As we grow older and our age advance

My love for you will only advance

As the weeks turn to month and months turn to years

My love for you will get stronger over the years


My love for you; strong like iron

I’ll fight for you; I’ll be your lion

Unshakable will our love be; like mount Zion

Always to keep our love smooth; I’ll be our pressing iron


Never to say goodbye to you

Never to break this heart of you

Never to regret falling in love with you

Never will I ever stop loving you; I love you I really do


My answer to you is yes

Do I love you for real? Yes

Will I stay till the very end? Yes

Do I mean what I say and love you come what may? Yes

To love you more and more is my plan never less


When you come close my heart beats faster

Your love occupies space in my heart like matter

To love you with all of me is all that matter

Inseparable is you and I like Mary and Martha


You and I we are meant to be

With you is where I want to be

You are my number 1 number 2 and number 3

Ask what you need and I would buy up to 3

I love you and that’s how it will be


When Will you be mine and never say goodbye

When will distance never separate our love?

When will I have you at all times that I never miss you?

When will I have you as mine forever?

However long it takes I’ll always be yours now and then


To Love you for a lifetime is what I want to do

To break your heart is what I will never do

To love you to the best of my ability is what I will always do

I love you for real I do


Your love for me is like a slice of heaven

Perfect is our love like the lucky number seven


Your love gives me strength
I think of u and my weakness turns to strength
what I feel for u I can’t measure the breadth and the length
everything I have is yours u deserve more than a tenth


every day every night I want to love u right
through d good and bad I pray that we stay alright
when circumstances threatens our love may God always be our light
forever will our love last to the enemies dismay in this I know u delight


Your love is music to my soul
like tyre to a car u make me roll
I love u heart body and soul


Loving u feels good
being loved by you feels even better
having you is indeed good
knowing I will have u forever feels even better
love u dearly dear nothing can ever be better


I can't leave u alone
without u I feel left alone
I only want to be alone with you
at home is how I feel with you
from the bottom of my heart I love u


loving u keeps me lifted
having u keeps me gifted
just a smile from u and I get uplifted
the desires of mine in you God has granted
I love you with all of me never to take u for granted


Like trees and branches u and I we stay connected
if I ever wrong u I am ready to be corrected
the patience to be the best lover of u I already collected
I love u to a great extent never to get disconnected


You and I belong together
like bread and butter we are good together
you and I friends forever
like the love of Jehovah we would last forever


what we share people won't understand
the love in our hearts only u and I can I understand
things fall apart sometimes but I will always understand
I love u more than I love me this u should always understand


to care for u is my utmost priority
to love u more every day and not be a liability
to get better for u I ask God for the ability
to be flexible enough to accommodate u I ask God for agility
I will love u today better than yesterday to the best of my ability


My mission to love u for life shall be possible
breaking Ur heart and leaving u alone shall be impossible
to love u in the best way possible
I ask God for help to him nothing is impossible


all of my life I've been searching
I found u and with all of my life u I'll b loving
no going back and to the reign of our love there shall be no ending


Like a dictionary u give my life a meaning
God has joined us together there shall be no separating


you are a queen to me
pleasing u brings out the king in me
you are the best friend of me
forever to stand by you believe me
love u no Matter what never to change ds heart of me


Your gladness gladdens me
to keep u happy is what I promised me
your sadness saddens me
I’d rather go sad to keep u happy if need be
I’m committed to loving you believe me


Am in love with you and will always be
am committed to u you are a part of me
I stay connected to u however far the distance maybe


To love u come what may
to love u all year round and not just in May
to stay true to you all the way
to the delight of u and to the haters dismay


My heart is opened wide to love u
my arms are opened wide to embrace u
my commitment is to forever support u
till I breathe my last I will forever love u


Precious is you I can't mess with u
priceless is you no wonder I love u
pointless is how my life is without u


ours is not an ordinary love
precious like a gift from God above
sweetness is what describes our kind love
to the best of my ability I will show u the depth of my love

you are my best friend my lover cozy like a bed cover
you matter a lot to me you and I can never be over
I hold u in high esteem if u were a car u had be a range rover
in three words I love you and it will last forever

I miss you I do
your absence tears me apart its true
lonely and bored so is me without you
you alone mean the world to me I miss u I love u

Every minute every hour every day
every moment without u is not okay
every time spent with you makes my day
my promise of love is to love you every minute every hour every day all the way

I want you to stay
like I promised you I will stay
for you this I pray
that you hold on to our love all the way
like I will stay true to you all the way

I love u nothing is going to change that
I know things haven't been rosy like that
in good or bad circumstances our love will stay strong like that
my promise of love to you is unbreakable you should never forget that

you deserve my 100% attention
you deserve all my love and affection
to you I promise my undivided attention
till I breathe my last I will show u my undiluted love and affection

believe me when I say it’s you alone
believe me when I call u bone of my bone
believe me when I say I will never leave u alone
believe me when I say I will forever be attracted to u like a dog to a bone

You are always on my mind
for you I always don't mind
you are like a window and I am the blind
my love for you sees clearly I just don't mind

Like Sunday is close to Monday
so will I remain with you never to go away
like Friday is never like Monday
so will I be different from the rest I will be true to u all the way

because a me loves a you
I write sweet words that rhymes for you
because a me loves a you
I will go out of my way to show it to you
because a me will always love a you
I make a promise to always belong to you
I love you I do

You are always in my heart like a pacemaker
you bring joy to my life like a peacemaker
our love is here to stay like the letterings of a permanent marker

I promise to never leave your side
I promise to always leave my ego aside
I chose u in d midst of many u can't be left aside

I really really love you
I really really care about you
I really really want to be always there for you
I really really mean everything I really said I will really do for you
I love you I really really do

heaven knows I really love you
in my eyes it shows how much I really love you
your eyes your nose I love everything about you
it’s you I chose and till my life is over I will never disappoint you

Music is what your love is to my soul
you got my heart beating like rock and roll

You played hard to get
now you are hard to forget
I found true love in you and this I won't regret
inseparable is you and I like a cattle and an egret

every day I realize the more
that I can only love you the more
what I prayed for in you I got much more
so glad I got you what more can I ask for

my plan is not to make you cry
my plan is to dry the tears in your eyes
without wings our love makes me fly
love of my life seeing you gives me butterflies
I love you for sure it shows in my eyes

Believe me when I say I love you
because I really really do
believe me when I say I'll never break this heart of u
because my heart my soul clings to you

sweetheart you compliment me
without you am an incomplete me
my love you make me better appreciate me
for you alone bring out the very best in me
believe me I’m saying this with sincerity
I’m not one to toy with my integrity
I’m in love with your simplicity this is true love without complexity

In my heart you are irreplaceable
in my eyes you are incomparable
you and I we are inseparable
true love is what we share it’s unbreakable

you are more than a girl to me
you have become an angel to me
the love I have for you is alien to me
the way I’m crazy about you makes me a stranger to me
this is true anything else will be me lying to me
I love you from deep down this heart of me

feels good to be in love again
everything I lost, in you I have since regain
never again will I be heartbroken again
I'll walk down the aisle with you and I'll do it again again


This is the end
the end of my loneliness
this is the end
the end of my unseriousness
this is the end
the end of the search to fill my emptiness


Like the love of a mother to her child
like the love of a groom to a new bride
so is my love for you my princess my soon to be bride.
Love you dear and have a fantastic day.

My Bride
My pride my soon to be bride,
my friend the one to whom I blend,
my soul mate to whom I relate like my mate,
I so much love you
I so much miss you
can’t say it enough. Have a nice day.

Like A Baby
You slept like a baby
felt love like a baby
woke up to God’s glory
am still loving you daily
my one in a million baby,
enjoy your day my princess.

A New day
It’s a new day another chance to live more,
another chance to give more ,
another chance to love more,
another chance to say I love you with my heart body and soul,
a great day to you love.


Blessed are those who believe without seeing,
I don’t know what you see
but I see a woman that can make a man successful indeed,
I need you to be that woman you will.
Have a great day.

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