Loving You Quotes for My Darling

Loving You Quotes, Great Love Quotes

I hope you find these words good enough ,
I hope you know our love will get strong enough ,
I hope this words fill you with warmth enough,
I hope to always be man enough
and to love you enough

Some absence brings relief
your absence create a void beyond my belief,
I love you I know you believed,
you love me am sure am not deceived,
by His grace we stand
love you plenty

Never to take my love away from you

Forever I will be the best friend of you

I promise you love with no worries

True romantic tales shall our life together be no sad stories


Am hot but you are way hotter

You are finer than the word fine can convey

Divine beauty in human display

Am cool but you are way cooler

I will love you through the bad and good times and in times much better


Like Romeo’s kiss was sweet to Juliet

So will I be to you there shall be no more regret

Like a loan with no interest I’ll give you peace just be at rest

Sweet is all I promise you all problems shall be under arrest


You are my sweet and nothing tastes better

Honey to my tongue you are sweet not bitter

I will love you in metric tons not liter

Forever sweet will be our love not bitter


Together we are one may we never become two

I will love you now, always, and in the future too

In my youth I’ll love you and in my old age too


Thank you for the love
thank you for the care
thank you for the understanding
thank you for been a friend
thank you for been a priceless jewel.
Love you most dearly

My better half
with whom I love to share a laugh,
my princess & partner in progress.
Checking on you
hope the light of our love shines on you
and the light of God word abides in you.

You are number one and I am number two

You love me and I love you too

You are my darling and I am yours too

Your bride when you say I do

Your help when your effort won’t do

I love you I really do


I will be your TV not a radio

I will be audio visual not just audio

High definition when you need a video

I will be the best of everything to you

I will be your hero


I know what love is because it’s what you show me

Close to no other only you really know me

Sweetest lover of me you bring out the best in me

I will forever love you to the best ability of me


A thousand kisses from you is never enough

Smoothest of love is all I will give you not rough

I’ll be strong for you I will be tender yet tough

I’m in love with our Love can’t get enough


You are more than someone to just touch

I love you with a love this much

More than a lips to just kiss

I will speak life to you I will be your peace

I love you so much and I forever will

So keep calm and be at peace

In your eyes I see love,
in you I see a woman I love to love,
in us I see a people lifted by love,
in all I love you morning noon and night
like my life depend on it.

In January my love for you will be plenary

In February I’ll love you for real not virtually

In March you won’t fall it’s you I’ll catch

In April I’ll sign with you a love deal

In May I’ll love you come what may

In June I’ll sing you a love tune

In July like makeup it’s you I’ll apply

In August I’ll love you no matter the cost

In September my love for you will I remember

In October I’ll love you better than September

In November I’ll love you like there will be no December

In December our love will be like Xmas

Never to be forgotten forever to remember


The first touch I remember it

The first kiss I can’t forget it

How we met I still replay it

You love me this much how will I not repay it

I love you and this is my declaration of it


Our love is a gift yet I can’t unwrap it

Your love is more than a word though I can spell it

Your love is real I can’t discard it

You love me for who I am it’s hard to forget it

True love is what I have for you believe it



Heartbroken? I will fix it

Heartless? I will replace it

Loveless? Sweet love I will provide it

I am made to love you can’t escape it

True love I got for you believe it


I will love you even when it's not convenient,
my love for you will remain resilient,
being with you will only make me love you more.
Have a safe trip dear you are always in my heart.
Love you.

Our love is not a flash in a pan,
it’s not like coke in a can,
but like a well laid out plan,
like a well baked cake in a pan,
like the divine love of God for man,
yes we can

On Monday I will be sweet to you more than vanilla

On Tuesday I will take you to places finer than manila

On Wednesday I will love you in rainbow colour

On Thursday I will be your harmony like alto and tenor

On Friday I will be strong for you like the bone called femur

On Saturday there shall be no cause for tremor

On Sunday I will be honey to your tongue you will beg for more

Till time cease to be I will be everything good and sweet to you than before


No matter the distance for you I will

No matter the hindrance for you I will

In bad times for instance for you yet I will

For you I will be everything good forget the bill

Whether now or later I will love you still


My love my fine princess

My queen my treasure costly and priceless

My everything my number one business

My love for you will always be in newness


Priceless is you

You are my treasure

Sensational is you

You give me pleasure

My love for you is true and beyond measure

My commitment to you will last forever for sure


Sweet is how life is to me when it’s you loving me

I love even me better when you are with me

You bring out the best in me you are the catalyst of me

I love you better than I love me

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