For My Love | Sweet Messages for My Love

love has found me
this is a new me
even I, surprise me
how your love struck me
is still beyond me
I promise you and I promise me
to be the best me
so you'll keep loving me
where you are is where my heart be


Am like Seven and you are number eight
can't take my eyes off your sweet figure eight
so proud u are mine my ego u inflate
other guys want you but their ego u deflate
you are the well cooked food am the nice looking plate
ready to go all the way waiting for you at the gate

I will choose you again if I had to

You and I together is one not two

You are my number one and my number two

If I hard to count to hundred it would still be you

I love you


What I promise to you

Is what I’ll do to you

If I must change it would be to get better for you

For worse for better always in love with you


I have a strong affinity for you

Like the morning has a strong affinity for dew

I love you in ways very many not few

You render my life sweet like a plate of white rice and red stew


You are where I want you to be, in my heart

You are who I want you to be my sweetheart

You’ve got what I want you have the keys to my heart

I love you dearly and I pray it stays like that


Like Siamese twin joined by heart

Our heart beat as one

Never to separate from you never to part

My soul mate you, you is the one


From the day you came along
I sang a brand new song
to do you right and never wrong
this I promise to keep our love strong

I’ll make hay when the sun shines

But I’ll love you come rain come shine

The day is bright when the sun shines

But my life is bright you are my sunshine


You are in my life 24hours

You beautify my life like roses and purple flowers

Without you I am odd not even

Till my life ends I’ll love you 24 seven


I remain human and I’m not perfect

But I remain loyal my commitment to you is perfect

Your love enriches me like a million dollar asset

I present my love to you in cartons and drums not sachet

You are perfectly loved by me no defect


I fell in love with you and I’m still standing

Head over heels in love with you no relenting

I give my life to our love not repenting

I believe in our love I believe in our God

And on these I’ll keep depending


No one knows me like you do

No one feels my love like you do

No one else comes close to me like you do

I gave my all on the day that I said ‘’I Do’’

I love you I still do and will always do


Never will I break your heart
never would we ever part
whether we near or far apart
never will your thought leave my heart

My heart skips a beat
my love stay a bit
I miss u this much
you make my blood rush
open your eyes
see the love in my eyes
love me this nice
don't be cold as this ice
I can be your sunrise
the stew on your hot rice
I will say I do looking into your bright eyes


Ask me for a text and I will send you a textbook ,
u are missing me I will come over no need for Facebook,
for you I write a love song ,
you is my Nokia and I am your Samsung,
loving you is right may I never go wrong.

When old age fades your beauty

My love for you will not wrinkle

Forever young in my heart however old your body


I’ll love you then like I love you now

However hard loving you become my mind is made up now

In bad and good times I’ll remember what I say now

I’m in for the long stretch not just for now

My darling I love you no going back


You shone like a million stars

In the midst of a million others

Never to trade you for a million dollars

My love for you will go beyond borders

Unbreakable love rock hard like rock boulders


In the midst of a billion brothers

You chose me and abandoned others

Loving you now is all that matters

I’ll stay faithful to you in the midst of a billion sisters


Nobody else but you

My heart my body belongs to you

In body and soul I cling to you

Perfect love is what I bring to you

Never to break this heart of you

I love you


Without love am like a head with no face,
like a boot with no lace,
like a Christian with no grace,
like an athlete in no race,
but I found love in you so the future I can face.
Love u


How can I cherish an apple more than you
when you are my sweet apple and am in love with you,
you mean more to me than a thousand apple,
the smile on your face and your cute dimple,
am blowing a kiss to you catch it like falling apple.
I love you my sweet apple cherry.

My first love my one and only

My best friend with you I’m never lonely

Appreciated by you and never treated badly

Choosing you was a decision made wisely

Till my eyes close in eternal sleep it’s you I’ll forever love daily


I thank God you are mine

Your sweetness better than that of fruit wine

I treasure you like a goldmine

Priceless gem of invaluable worth so glad you are mine


Just so you know

Deep is my love for you

Just so you know

can’t love none other but you

Just so you know

Day and night no changing my love for you


Though life happens to us all

My love for you will rise but won’t fall

Like a baked cake will rise and won’t fall

Through trial and test I’ll rise for you I won’t fall


Tested and trusted like a vehicle tyre

Our love will last for long and won’t tire

I’ll be truthful to you won’t be a liar

As big as a bulldozer so is my love not a small plier

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