Nice Messages for Her | Romantic Poems for Her

if wishes were horses I will ride all the way to see u
but I can only wish you were here I really miss you
if thoughts were cars I will drive all the way to see you
but I can only think of you long distance separates I and you
I miss you I love you


loving you has turned me to a love song writer
loving you has turned me to a love letter writer
loving you has made me love me even better
better than yesterday I promise to love you better

Nice Messages for Her, Romantic Poems for Her, Poems and Messages She would Love

Our love makes a lot of sense

in your absence i dont seem to make sense

our love will never become past tense

however tense the times our love will remain in present tense

love you loads


I choose to love you i won't sit on the fence

i choose to love you for our love i will stand in the defense

i choose to love you no matter who takes offence

i will choose you again and again love you again and again


I give you my heart i won't take it back

I will stay committed to you i won't turn back

I love you bad or good it will remain like that


I love you beyond the sweet feelings

i love you never will i hurt your feelings

committed am i to you gone are my shady dealings

i will love you with my pounds and dollars never will i give you shillings

i love you more tha n i love my siblings

i love you i do



Unquenchable so is my love for you

unthinkable so is my dedication to you

undeniable so is the love we share together

unforgettable so are the memories we create together

I love you, and so it will remain forever


My love for you, i won't hide it

the way i feel about you, i won't fight it

the look of love in your eyes, i can't resist it

my promise to stay committed to you, i won't forget it

i love you wholeheartedly and i am glad you appreciate it


The way you love me, i love it

the way i get butterflies around you, i can't deny it

the chemistry between us, i can't explain it

the way i love you, i don't understand it

the strength of the love we share, may nothing tamper with it


Loving you feels good, been loved by you feels better

touching you feels good, been touched by you feels better

i love you this good and it can only get better

everything i do well for you i promise to do them better

I promise to love you now and always, loving you wont be postponed till later

I slept calling your name,
I woke up calling your name,
now I can’t answer my name
but I love you all the same

It was not love at first sight
but it was love that went right,
it’s not the sparkle in your eyes
but the sparkle in my eyes
when I look in your eyes,
so glad to be the beef on your place of rice

You tickle my fancy,
I love you I don’t care about Anita and Nancy,
what we share is precious the world cannot see,
I will climb mountains I will cross the blue sea,
I will love you like kids love the ABC,
I will kiss you and love you beyond your fantasy,
please baby be mine sign me into your agency.

You are the queen of my heart

Your absence tears my heart apart

With me is where I want you not far apart

Jokes apart it’s not cool seeing you depart

I love you let that always be in your heart


You are the queen of my heart

You fill the vacancy in my heart

I’m connected to you by soul and by heart

I love you boo my one and only sweetheart


You are the queen of my heart

Thoughts of you fill my heart

That I love you is an undeniable fact

That you are my better half is true and I love it like that


Imagine a morning without breakfast

A me without you is a me that wont last

Imagine a plane that cant fly

A me without you is like a bird with no wings it cant fly

I love you and I don’t care to know why


My past is dead and buried

In my future I see you and I as married

My past is forgotten and invalid

My future will I spend with you that is true and valid


Roses are red and violets are blue,
thoughts in my head are all about you.

Roses are red and violets are blue,
alone on my bed thinking about you.


Later I will write you a letter,
later my life will get better,
I love you now and not later,
am the bread you are the butter,
I quench your thirst like cold water,
ignore those girls you are far hotter,
the boys are staring, they fall inside gutter,
the girls Aare beefing, because you are finer and better,
they squeeze their face I roll with laughter.

Errors and mistakes are rebuked,
excellence and remembrance are invoked,
on a journey of success you have embarked,
all for you sake my princess


From me to you love flows

Between you and I our love grows

Why I love you this much only god knows

Look into my eyes true love is what shows

Hanging round you is a whole lot
wanting a taste of you like an honey pot.
No doubt you are hot
but like a mount you have only one top.
Like a race you have only one first.
Like in woman you have only one man

when the storm rages
we'll stand like the rock of ages.
When the enemies strive we will survive to their surprise
and because it a new day
our God will make us a way.

Am not a perfect person not even you
I never mean to do some things to you
but you sure know am still learning
and am yearning to stop kidding
my apology it is you are reading
I hope me you will be forgiving

I love you and you love me back

I will fight for you and you got my back

I will stay committed to you I won’t turn back

In plenty and in lack our love will never go slack



So is my love my for you


So is my commitment to you


So is what I feel for you

Perfection is what defines I and you

I love you


All the time I love you

I will do overtime for you

Part time is not for you

All of my time I will give to you


I’m in love with an angel

My heart belongs to a damsel

Why I love her this much I can’t tell

She’s my sweetness I treat so well

The depth of my love for her is deeper than a deep well

I love her this I know so well

You is my angel know this very well


You are sweet I can’t forget that

You are my queen no one can contest that

I trust that you love me I do believe that

Unbreakable is our love we can’t be torn apart


My love for you is supernatural,
with no makeup you are beautiful you look natural,
our wedding is going to be national
and our honeymoon international.


Am Nigerian am not Finnish,
my love is unending it can’t finish,
I will stay with you I won’t vanish,
I respect our love the image I won’t tarnish,
am wise enough to love you am not foolish,
I love you capish.

I said I love you, you said am rubbish,
gave you my love but you discard it like rubbish,
called me ugly and black like shoe with no polish,
you hurt my feelings and my soul you punish,
but you love James who is white and British,
for your love I will stay dumb and foolish,
love you forever from now till I vanish.


You beautify my life

Like a husband with a beautiful wife

You compliment me

A me without you is not a complete me


Me without you is not right

Like a mouth without teeth cant bite

Loving you feels right

You and I Mr. and Mrs. Right


I love you and I love your cargo

Deep is my love for you this is not shallow

I love you today and I will still do tomorrow


Like a notepad needs a biro

Like a bow needs an arrow

So is how I need you, you dismiss my sorrow


With no wings can’t fly like a sparrow

Without depth what you get is shallow

Without life a body is empty and hollow

You is the love of my life

With you around me I feel like a hero


Our love grows daily

Every day I love you the more dearly

Our future together I see the more clearly

You complete me completely

I love you solely and wholly

My profession of love to you I declare boldly


I chose you in the midst of many

So glad I did

I love you for reasons very many

This is true and valid

For years very many I will stay true to you

Believe me I’m very candid


You shine like a million diamonds

You are treasured like the rarest diamonds

You mean the world to me you are my treasure

I will be everything good to you for your own pleasure.


this is a very wonderful love message composition every lover will appreciate and will definitely like to share with the one they love, i find joy in composing great, unique, one of a kind and mind blowing love poems, i hope you find this piece awesome just as i do, cheers to LOVE.

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