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Nice Love Messages, Nice Love Quotes

I choose you in the midst of many
you stand out in the midst of many
I love you for reasons very many
and I'll love you for years not few but very many

Your way
am so loving your way
still remember when you came along my way
I love you today like I loved you yesterday
you're the answer to the prayer I prayed yesterday

I’ll be good to you this is my promise to you

Always will I love you this is why I chose you

Like old wine I’ll get better for you

Of a truth I love you and this will always be true


I can be the branch you can be the leaves

I’ll be there for you when everyone leaves

I’ll be your life gift that continually gives

I’ll be the best friend of you that always forgives

Love you dearly am not the type who deceives


I’ll be fuel for your fire

Strength for you when you tire

Beautiful for you like wedding attire

Active will my love be for you never to retire

I’ll be the fulfilment for your desire

I love you the light of my fire


Fresh is our love it can’t expire

Ours shall be good enough for others to admire

Unquenchable like an eternal fire

So is our love

Divine like a gift from God above


I prayed for a gift the gift I got was you

I searched for treasure, priceless was the treasure I found, you

So blessed to be loved by you

My treasured priceless gift is you


Your eyes
looking in your eyes
I get the thrill I watch the sun rise
looking in your eyes
turns my low into high rise

I know really miss you but what can I do.
All I do is think about you,
reminiscing the times spent with you.
Yes I know am strong enough
but my strength seem not to be enough
because your absence really turns me off.
Soon I know that your beauty I will behold,
your tender hands soon I will hold.
Then I will forget I ever missed you.

Charming like a new born that’s you

Sweet like honey that’s you

Got me head over heels in love definitely with you

I love you like I have never loved before that’s true


My love for you is not minor it’s major

Am like the city you are the mayor

Music to my soul you are my alto treble and tenor


I love you not for your figure eight

Without your makeup your beauty I’ll still appreciate

You got me high like a kite you make me levitate


I love you we can’t breakup

I love you with or without makeup

I love you when I sleep and when I wake up

I love you whether down or whether up

If having you is a dream then I don’t want to wake up

Where you are my heart is there

Whether far or whether near

You reside always in my heart here

For you is the one that I hold dear

I love you


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