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For you I write this love paragraph
For you I write this love poem
For you I write this love note
For you I write this love message
I hope you find it as nice as I intended it to be
Love you from the very heart of me

I love you I am putting it in words
I love you and it shows in actions that speaks louder than words

Whether day whether night I will stand by you
Whether wrong whether right I will stand by you
I will stand by you whatever comes our way
From day to day my love will stay strong this way

I wrote a nice love message for you
I could think of no better to get it to you
Than to read it to you
I read it with a loving heart that cherish you
I love you and I know I do and I know you do too

You make it easy to love
You are like a divine gift from above
You are one of the best thing to have happen to me
I appreciate you and all your love for me
I hope you find this message very nice
May life bring you good tidings
May you find success wherever it might be hiding
May those who will help you not go into hiding
May this massage make you smile and bring you more glad tidings
Love you

A gold fish has no hiding place
May goodness and favour not hide from your face
May the joy that conquer darkness not depart from your place
Has you have brought smile and laughter to many a face
So shall the light of God countenance always shine on your face
Love you a plenty

Loving you feels very good
Been loved by you even feels better
You are like the nice sweet words in a love letter you bring warmth like a fire place in a cold weather
May our love last long like a well-made leather
I love you come rain come shine no matter the weather

With you I feel like a winner
With you by my side I can go without breakfast lunch or dinner
Am all smiles like a broke man eating free food in a diner
We go well together like a garlic and ginger
Love you plenty


I lover the joy been with you brings
Your royalty is way beyond that of queens and kings
Let’s get married I’ll buy the wedding ring

Life with you is what I desire earnestly
To love you dearly in the future and presently
I promise to love you endlessly
I promise to fight for our love tirelessly

You are nice the way you are
Nice love messages like this show how sweet you are
Love you darling the best is who you are

I love you God knows I do I’ll go the extra mile for you
In bad or good times I’ll stay true to you
Ready to go all the way for you I’ll say ‘’ I do ‘’

Been loved by you is a big deal
I love you for sure this love is for real
I cherish you I admire your commitment to us
I promise to love you for life never to depart from us

You mean a whole too lot to me
You mean more to me than I mean to you
Your nice curve your cute eyes creates butterflies within me
Your sweetness is intoxicating, its plain for all to see
Keep been nice it will always be appreciated by me

My desire for you is pretty overwhelming
My love for you is endless and undying
You got me so high with no wings you got me flying I got eyes for you only I got love for you only
Never to leave you never will you be lonely

For you I will with you I get the thrills
For you I’ll keep at it our love is higher than the hills
For you I’ll work ten times our love alone wont pay the bills
For you I’ll take the heat come what may I won’t mind the chills
For you I wrote this nice romantic message I hope you like it

I hope you like this sweet is how you are can’t be wrong about this
You are charming like a magic spell I can’t seems to get over this
You are romantic and loving so blessed to have one so lovely as this
For you I wrote this its nice its romantic its sweet
You really do deserve this

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