Nice Things To Say To A Friend and Nice Things To Say To People

Nice Things To Say To A Friend

Nice Things To Say To People

Nice Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Nice Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

You are one in a million
With you I feel like I won a million
To you am worth more than a million
To me you are worth more than I can measure in a million

Your friendship is one of a kind
Your commitment is of a different kind
You’ve been a most valuable friend wish
I could pay you in cash or in kind
However I pay back I know you won’t mind

What nice thing can I say to you my friend
Nice enough to match your kindness
Nice enough to match your calmness
Nice enough to let you know you are the best my friend

You have been a very good friend
I appreciate you my very good friend
The nice things you do my friend are appreciated
May our friendship not end

You are a friend like no other you are like a sibling from another mother
So nice to have you has a friend
So good to know that you are always there when I need a friend


When am careless you are careful
When I don’t careless you are still faithful
Compared to yours my commitment is shameful
This is to let you know I appreciate you even though I never show it

Wrote this for you hope you appreciate it
The nice things you do are appreciated
The nice friend you have been is appreciated
The nice things you say are appreciated
The nice ways you have shown you care is appreciated
This is to show I appreciate your friendship

I admire your commitment to our friendship
I cherish your dedication to our relationship
I admire you I cherish you

Our friendship has stood the test of time
Through the good the bad and not so good times
You have been nice more than half of the time
Cheers to more years to come I wish us the best of time

Friendship with you has been worth the while
You have been the better friend all these while
However dire the situation you always wear a smile
However tough the task you always go the extra mile
Thanks friend for making it worth the while

it’s been nice knowing you
Awesome is the friendship shared with you
Cheers to more years to come

I’ve know you for a while
Yet never seen you without a smile
I’ve know you for sometime
Yet never seen you gloomy anytime
How you do it I don’t know just keep been nice

Whether am up or down you are always there
Whether am in lack or plenty you are still there
Whether am sick or well I still find you there
Awesome friend is what you’ve been
Keep been there

When I am at wits end
You are always available my best friend
When I need I shoulder to lean on
You are always a friend to rely on
When I am weighted down and can’t go on
You always support me to carry on
You are most appreciated my most valuable one

You are a true friend indeed
You do not abscond whenever I am in need
You are a nice friend indeed
Our friendship has grown much from just a little seed
You are my best friend indeed
I value you and may we find grace to always help each other succeed

It so nice, so good, so great to have you as a friend
The strength and truthfulness of our friendship is one I find hard to comprehend
May you find strength to succeed when you need it
May you find help and favour whether you do or don’t deserve it
As the sun and star shines day and night so shall you have strength to face every fight

Our friendship is for a lifetime
Friendship that comes through in needy times
Our friendship is for good and bad times
Friendship that stays strong even when we have less time

Ours is friendship with no boundaries
Ours is friendship not forged in boundaries
Ours is friendship not hampered by distance
Ours is friendship with commitment and devotion
Ours is friendship devoid of negative emotion
Ours is friendship with a sense of purpose
Ours is friendship in agreement nothing with each other to oppose
Ours is friendship valued and cherished
In it our lives both has been blessed and enriched

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