Nice things To Say / Nice words To Say

You deserve the best
You are in a class of your own
You never leave your friends alone
I can only say nice things to you
The nicest things are all that describes you

I just want to thank you
For giving me the best of you
This is to show that I appreciate you
To show you mean so much to me like I mean so much to you

You have been very nice to me
This truly feels good to me
You have brought out the good side of me
Like a good friend you have stayed true to me
I appreciate you this is from the very heart of me

I thought of something nice to say
I could only think of how good you make my day so glad you came my way
So glad I said hi to you that day
You have been nice to me all the way
I hope this makes your day

Its nice to know you care
Its nice to know you are always there
Your selflessness will never be forgotten
You mean the world to me
And it’s nice to know I mean the world to you
You are the better half of me
And it’s nice to know I am the better half of you
It’s so nice to have you

It’s so nice of you to show me love at all times
it’s so awesome to know how love is not influenced by situations

a nice thing to say will be I love you
a ni9cer thing to say will be I will always love you
but I will say the nicest thing to you
I can never stop loving you
Whether good or bad my heart will always cling to you

When I think of a nice thing to say
And a nicer way to say it
I close my eyes and think of how good a person you are and how much you deserve it
And how you go out of your way to bless my day
May these words make your day may it make you better at putting smiles on faces everyday

You are a nice person today
Better than you were yesterday
Keep been a nice person everyday
And the reward will open doors for you day after day


You are greatly appreciated
You are proudly celebrated
The goodness you exhibited were never anticipated
Its been a pleasure knowing you
May you meet nice people everywhere you go

You always have words for every occasion
Your words and actions are filled with compassion
You are nice, you are great, you are awesome what more can I say
You are the best thing that has happened to me this of a truth I can say

Nicely said nicely done
So nice to know I finally won
So good to know you are still the one
So many came and so many are gone
In the midst of it all you and I are still one

Whether day or whether night whether dusk or whether dawn
Together you and I are never done
Love binds us like a father to his daughter and his son
Love keeps us together like marriage makes one plus one equals one

Love holds us together like the morning cant be without the sun
Always close never apart like two is never far from one
In the midst of many I chose you I chose one
The choice was plenty but I chose treasure I chose one
You are my choice it was you that won

Never slow never fast when I’m with you the hands of time never turns
Never again will I be gone from you is never fun
Forever mine forever yours away from you I can’t run
These words of mine have been nicely said to you my love my heart the only one
Nicely said nicely done

I promise to love you nicely
Breaking your heart is very unlikely
My commitment is to continually make our love shine brightly
To give you joy and to make your life lovely
To care for you to love you daily and nightly
To shower you with affection and attention this is very likely
Never to keep you waiting I promise to be timely
Through the good and bad times I promise to be friendly

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