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Beautiful Love Poems, Lovely Love Poems

In the day time
my love for you is beautiful like lovely butterflies
In the night time
my love for you is bright like a garden full of fireflies
my love is for a lifetime
forever golden, you are the apple of my eyes

In you I have known me better

Knowing you has only made me know you better

Like the sweet words of a priceless love Letter

So is the sweetness of our love I’ve had none better


Sweetness is what I promise you nothing bitter

To make our good better

With sweetness that makes you forget the bitter

Smile for me darling I love the sweetness of your laughter


I will love you in worse and when it’s better

And when its better I will love you better

To be your cover when you got no shelter

To be the reason you write a love letter

Just wanna be your best


You are sweet to me like peanut butter

Cool to me like iced water

Close to my heart like a pacemaker

Love you dearly you are all that matter


If it ain’t you then I don’t want it

If it ain’t from you then I better forget it

It’s you I want all the way I can’t help it

I got love for you believe it


I will love you again and again
I will say it again and again
I renew my vow to you over again
No worries and no heartbreak never again

Words are not enough to express this love I feel for you

Better than words action will express my love when I show it

To make you happy whatever the cost I will do it

You are all I want I love you


With you I can picture a loving family

In my future I can picture you clearly

My priceless sweetheart I love you dearly

To live ever with you happily

That’s what I pray to God daily


Wonderful love is what this is

Sweet memories and even sweeter kisses

What we share is priceless never to toy with this

Before a congregation am ready to proof this


May our love last long

Longer than the word long can express

May our life together be sweet

Sweeter than the word sweet can express

Love you beyond words in action my love I will express


With you in my heart everywhere I go you come along

With your love in my heart am inspired to write a love song

Though a lot want me but to you alone I belong

Our love feels write may I never be wrong

I believe in God I believe in us
I believe love & trust will continually bind us
foolishness & pride may try to divide us
but our promises at the altar will forever uphold us

To share with you the same address

Not as neighbors but as a couple

The true wishes of my heart in words I express

Want to be the reason you smile never to bring you trouble


My desire for you is obvious in my eyes

I love the love I see in your eyes

Colorful love like a flower garden filled with butterflies

That’s my promise for you believe me not a bunch of lies


From January all the way to December

Every moment with you is one I cherish and always remember

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Your love is my strength always available no reason to be weak


I look at every one

But it’s you alone I see

I hear every one

But it’s you alone I listen to

I know a lot of people

But It’s you alone I trust


No one else come close

Why I love you so only God knows

Your love is all that matters

Never far from you always in my heart you are that close


Love and commitment is not child's play
though i promise plenty of laughter & child's play
i will love, protect and keep you from harm’s way
I'm committed to loving you, to love you only in God's way

You are like matter

You’ve got weight and occupy space in my heart

You are like a daughter

Priceless and precious in the eyes of her father

You matter a lot to me and I love you


Our relationship is not an exam I won’t cheat

You mean the world to me you are my heartbeat

When I am without you I miss you and I can’t eat

You are like my favourite love song forever on repeat


The closer to you I get

The better a person I become

The lover in you I met

That’s the lover for you I’ve now become

Love you loads


I love the love you love me with

Our love has got depth and a broad width

Action love we sharing like Mr and Mrs Smith


Your sweetness blows my mind

My love for you aint blind

I just want to be your window and your window blind


For you I will write a love song
to where can I hide from a love this strong
my promise is to never do you wrong
never to abandon you, always to carry you along
this love is not short term promise to love you for long



Only a liar and a fool
will deceive an angel this beautiful
many men might take you for a fool
I stand out among men I promise you love so true and colorful


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