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These are my Romantic Messages to say Goodnight to her, Romantic Messages for my Darling, Good night Message for her, these 99 goodnight messages have been carefully and lovingly selected to serenade her, you'll certainly love them too


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Goodnight Message for Her

1. Its a good night message from me to you
its not a goodbye i will never disconnect from you
sweetdreams my love may the moon and stars refresh you
and has the day breaks may it bring good tidings to you
have a restful night Good night.

My goodnight message to her
is that my love ministers to her
that she dreams sweet just as she is
that there be good in her night just as we are
goodnight my love you will always be my her


2. May the night bring you sweet dreams
may the gentle wind lull you to sleep like love hymns
may you have good night but a better day
may your dreams be sweet nightmares wont come your way
Good night Love

3. May your night be sweet but may your day be sweeter
may your pillow be good and may your bed be better
as you rest this night may you wake up feeling better
Good night my love our love can only get better


4. like a bright star in the night sky
so is the glimmer of love in your eye
and as you lay down to get a shut eye
know I'll love you always so promise I


5. I could simply say goodnight
and that would be just alright
but for a star like you so bright
I'll say it in a rhyme hope this sounds alright
love you goodnight -

6. This good night rhyme is from the bottom of my heart
from me to you my one and only sweetheart
to you I pledge my love I pray it stays like that


7. Even as you close your eyes in sleep
my love for you remains true and deep
it’s you I love and forever will keep
just to say sweet dreams before we both fall asleep


8. as your head lay on thy pillow
remember our love weighs a ton not a kilo
as I lay you to sleep on thy pillow
I’ll always be your friend and your hero

love you today and tomorrow

9. Though the day is over
my love for you is not over
though I can’t come over
my love will sure come over
have a sweet night my sweetness my lover


10. my eyes are heavy with sleep
and I'm pressed down with heavy slumber
yet my promise to you I'll keep
to keep you in my heart forever
in sleep and in wakefulness my promise always to remember
sweet dreams to you my darling


11. the sun comes out in the day
I'll be there for you all day
the moon comes out at night
I'll be here for you all night
and so tonight I say goodnight
with sweetness and cheerful delight
sweet night to you


12. I'm saying goodnight again
wishing you sweet dream again
as long as I sleep and wake again
I promise to still do this again
sweet dreams and goodnight once again


13. Even as you close your eyes in sleep
my love for you remains true and deep
it’s you I love and forever will keep
just to say sweet dreams before we both fall asleep


14. Its night time again
time to take your rest again
and it’s that time again
to remind you I’ll love you again and again

sweet dreams

15. like a bright star in the night sky
so is the light of love in your eye
and as you lay down to get a shut eye
know i'll love you always so promise I


Good Night Text for Her

16. Good night to you i say
God bless you and I, I pray
sweet dreams to you i say
forever in my heart you'll stay


17. Everyone sleeps at some point
and as you sleep at this point
remember this true and valid point
to you my heart will forever point
my love for you remain on point
sweet dreams hope you got the point


18. I could simply say goodnight
and that would be just alright
but for a star like you so bright
I'll say it in a rhyme hope this sounds alright
love you goodnight

19. When night falls and the moon appears
I think of you and my loneliness reappears
I reach out for you only shadow appears
I miss you and I wish you were here
love you and sweet night to you

20. When the day draws to a close
and in sleep my eyes are about to close
I miss you and i wish i had you close
I love you dearly heaven and earth knows
sweet dreams

21. Said I’ll love you for life
said it’s you I want to make my wife
missing you hurts and cuts like a knife
A good night kiss from your friend for life

I blow you this good night kiss
Hoping you feel the peace & bliss
As your thoughts puts me at ease
Enjoy your rest my angel of peace

With sleep my eyes are heavy
to text you my fingers are steady
to be your man am set and ready
have a sweet night mother of my baby

Lying on my bed
thought of you in my head,
miss you so much my eyes are red
like a lonely butter without the bread,
a lone needle without the thread
so I am without you on my bed.

this is a good night rhyme
to wish you a good night time,
so as you close your eyes to have a good night sleep,
remember how much you are loved all the time

My princess I love you to a depth you may never understand yet,
I remember you with memories I can never forget,
am your first and I promise never to let you down God help.
Sweet dreams.

Our love has barely begun
yet our hearts beat as one,
with that oneness in my heart
I blow a kiss to my princess,
sweet night to you my royal sweetness
love you dearly

I treasure the passionate love we share
the love for God that we hold dear
I truly wish you are here
but even as you are there
our heart beats as one because for you I truly care.
Sweet night to you.

I will endure to the end for my princess
I don’t mind the stress,
for my one and only
I could take garri only.
You are my friend my princess
my one and only.
Love you so much dearie.
Good night

Sitting here thinking of you
wishing I could get a sweet hug from you
or hear that sweet voice of you
but you stop my thought when you made the wish come true.
I love you I really do
have a sweet night

Sweet Good Night Message for Her

I may never find a word
even the best fails like a blunt sword,
heaven bear me witness even God
of my love for you, strong like a bound chord
simply put I love you true to God.
Sweet good night message for you my boo.

Good Night to Her Sweetness

My princess, sweetness, my angel so priceless,
my love for you is matchless,
my hugs and kisses for you is countless,
my commitment to you is doubtless,
to our endless love I say God bless.
Sweet good night message to you


33. a sweet good night to my sweetheart
a good night to the one in my heart
sweet dreams wishes to you from your friend at heart
love you


34. Lying here without you
about to sleep without you
far or near always in love with you
sweet dreams dearie

On my bed
with love thought of you in my head,
on my own
missing my love missing my own
and as you sleep
remember my love for you remains deep,
our love is awake and will never sleep.
Sweet night

Good Night I Love You Still

Far apart yet of one heart,
you are miles away yet it feels like I saw you today,
the thought of you fill my head
as I lay on my bed
and until time stand still
I will love you still.
Sweet night

How can I not love you
when in my waking time I think of you
and in my sleeping time I dream of you.
How can I not want to hold you tight
when you fit me perfectly right
have a sweet rest & good night

With your eyes on the prize
and God by your side
the spirit on your inside
and our love on the rise.
You have what it takes just go on and take your place.
Goodnight to you sweetie

The love I unlocked in you is one that I treasure;
the love I have for you is true and for sure
and until the day we become one arrive.
We'll keep our passionate love alive.
Good night my darling my friend for life

Me without you
is like rice with no stew,
miss you like a morning with no dew,
my angel you are my sweet shining star,
accept my kisses coming from afar.
Sweet night love.

44. Good Night I Love You Plenty
With love in our eyes
and God on our side
we fly like butter flies.
With our testimony on the rise
I look to your eyes and my desire rise
I love you till the sun won't rise.
Love you plenty
sweet night to you

45. Good Night My Treasure
I feel your heart beat like a mother feels her child kicks,
though far from you my love come through
where you is, is where i are
my treasure you are,
sweet dreams princess

Good Night Love Message for Her

Whenever I think of you I can’t help but smile
your passion for the things of God
our common vision and the love we share
I love you my dear
have a sweet night rest & sweet dreams.

Not sure I have a new good night message
but have got a thank you message,
to God almighty for been there for us ,
and to my princess for been there for me all this time
love you dear,

Did I make you smile
was the visit worth the while,
because for you I will go the extra mile,
and as you go to sleep I hope I got you to smile,
smile for me my princess and have a lovely night rest.

Let it go the sleep in your eyes,
let it fly like flies and butterflies,
clear your eyes like a sweet plate of fried rice,
I got your side
though I may not be by your side.

Weekends and night time I miss you the most,
I love you like I love me it's not a boast,
for you I write this love toast
because it's you I love most
from the east to the west coast.
Miss you much

51. I miss you true and yes
I love you more nevertheless
take a little time to pray for us
as you close your eyes dream of us
love you dearly miss you the more dearly


52. without you I’m like a lone ranger
to see you I will don’t matter the danger
I’m like the baby you are the manger
without you I’m cold and that's danger
miss you dearly

53. I miss you dearly
your absence shows clearly
a day without you happens rarely
i miss you so much going crazy nearly

54. with you its love and tenderness
without you its expectation and eagerness
no letting go off you I’m done with playfulness
committed to loving you forever
my love my royal sweetness
missing you

55. your absence leaves a space this large
my heart is yours to keep i put you in charge
your love is on me like school uniform badge
miss you so much miss you so bad

56. I miss you like a window with no blind
I miss you I really do hope you don’t mind
the farther you are the more you are on my mind
can’t let go off you true love is hard to find

57. Out of sight out of mind
not you, out of sight you are on my mind
you are the window I’m the blind
I miss you and you always on my mind

58. I miss you plenty
like a nineteen with no twenty
like a house with no people is empty
I miss you like a kung Fu movie without Jet Li
I love you i miss you believe me

59. Without you life sucks
without you I'm minus not plus
without you there's no us
without you I'm down like i got flu virus
though i miss you I'm glad i got you
for this I'm joyous


60. like a neck with no head
like a pillow with no bed
like a rose that's not red
like a book that's not read
that's the way I am when I miss you
missing you

Good Night for Her

61. Your thoughts fill my head
as I lie alone on my bed
I ain't smiling my eyes are red
I miss you like no butter on my bread
I love you but i miss you just like i said


62. No woman no cry
I miss my woman I won’t cry
I hold back tears from my eye
I said hello but i got no hi
I miss you I'm so low I'm not high


63. missing you is not good
like I'm alone in this neighborhood
missing you is so bad like a boy with no dad
till I see your face again this I promise again
love you forever

64. Alone by myself
like a forgotten book on a shelf
I miss you the other half of myself
Without you I don’t feel like myself
True words from within myself


65. Love of my life
Angel of my life
My precious bride
Mother of my child
For you I’ll pay the price
I miss the love in your eyes


66. Without you my life feels wrong
To live without you I’m not strong
Alone like a black man in Hong Kong
I miss you like a wedding with no song


67. Like a girl without a boy
like a child without a toy
I miss you with whom I share my joy
With I feel like a man not a boy
I miss you


68. I’m here solo
Like a mouth with no food to swallow
Missing you is a hard pill to swallow
But in pity I won’t wallow
I miss you just so you know -


69. I'm not going to cry
I won’t fade the blue in my sky
I miss you I can’t say why
I love you but this i know why
miss you dearie


70. like a runaway bride
my thought is running wild
I miss you like a motherless child
like a groom with no bride
I feel left aside without you by my side
I miss you I do


71. you are like a slice of heaven
perfect like the number seven
without you I'm odd you make my life even
I miss you like a ten with no eleven
missing you


72. With you around I feel like a winner
without you is like a night with no dinner
like a game with no winner
I miss my love my winning partner


73. lying here missing you here
knowing you are there without me near
in my heart I hold you dear
forever I’ll keep you there
I miss you

74. I miss you and its painful
But I got you am so thankful
My priceless gem you are beautiful
I can’t help but be faithful
I love you can’t help but miss you
When I'm here without you


75. I need you like I need life
Like a kitchen needs a knife
Like a husband needs his wife
But I miss you like a man with no life
I miss you and I’ll love you for life


Good Night Paragraphs for Her

76. Though I’m far away from you
I have a goodnight kiss to blow to you
A warming hug to give to you
And a sweet night rest to say to you
I will always love you
Yes only you
I miss you


77. I miss you more these days
Cos I need you more these days
Even though it is so these days
I’ll love you always


78. I miss you like seriously
I wander like aimlessly
My love for you is like priceless
I’ll love you forever like timeless
For you I’ll do anything like senseless

79. I miss you my princess
I miss you but I love you more
I miss you like a number 3 without 4
Want to be with you from hours 1 to 24
I miss you but I love you more


80. It’s not the same without you
I’m not the same without you
I’m incomplete without you
Just so you know how much I miss you

81. I stay awake all night thinking about you
Wish I had you with me all through
Me without you is incomplete like the alphabet without “U”
I miss you I love you


82. I feel like a lie without you
Like a rumor that is not true
I feel exposed without you
Like a sky that is not blue
I miss my love my one true love I miss you


83. My one true love I miss you
I hope you do too
The way I feel without you
Is like a 1 without 2
Even as my words come through to you
Remember I love you
And how it’s never the same without you


84. I miss you I can’t take it
But you are far from me I can’t change it
Believe this as you read it
Cos what I feel for you I can’t fake it
I miss you and I love you believe it


85. Like a fish out of water
Like a bread with no butter
Like a mother with no daughter
Like a cloud that holds no water
So am I without you
I miss you I really do


86. I miss you to pieces
The hugs and the sweet kisses
The love and the attention
The care and the affection
I miss you I can't pay attention
I miss my friend and companion


87. I miss the one I love
I miss my gift from God above
I miss my love
The one I place no one above
I miss you like a night sky with no moon above
Like a clear sky with no cloud above
I miss you love
I really do


88. Words like I Love you
Reminds me how much I miss you
Of how lonely it is without you
Of how much I'll give anything to be with you
But I am without you I miss you I do


89. Feels like I'm incomplete without you by my side
Your absence makes me feel left aside
Can’t help but want to be by your side
Thank you for standing by my side
Love you good night

90. good night love hope you see my message

like a soothing massage I hope you feel my message

it's a good night from me to you I know you'll like the message

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