Romantic Messages for Her

On that day I will say I do
On that day I will make a vow to you
On that day I will tell the world I want to be with you
Never to leave you
Never to doubt you
Never to ever stop falling in love with you

You are an angel in human skin

I feel blessed to be touching that skin

Your beauty is skin deep

My love for you is this deep

You come close my heart beat skips

My plan is to love you for keeps


Through highs and lows

The depth of our love shows

Through thick and thin

I’ll stay in love with you even God knows


Am the lamp you are the holder

Our love shines bright without a lamp holder

Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder

Your beauty is beyond words you blow away every beholder

Am blessed to be your hand holder

Love you for a lifetime in my youth and when am older


When opposition rise our love will stand secure

I love you for real and for sure

Keep your mind at rest and be rest assured

Am here to stay no running way


Am not perfect I may hurt you

Believe me I still love you

In my imperfection I will go out of my way for you

For a gem as priceless as you

You are the best I love the personality of you


I can’t help it
The way I feel I can’t hide it
For you I will I can’t stop it
My promise to you I won’t break it
Love you forever I won’t change it


What will I become if I ever lose you?

On bended knees I ask the forgiveness of you

Nothing matters to me than your love for me

I thank God every day for given you to me


I love you one hundred percent

My love for you will never grow old it will ever stay recent

For the gentleness and the sweetness of you

I will give my all to be the best for you


My love for you will keep on coming

No holding back my love it’s you I wanna be loving

Sweet love I got for you just wanna satisfy your longing


I plan to grow old with you

No plan to be the heartbreaker of you

Just wanna love you the way true love should do


I’ll love you today better than I did yesterday

You inspire me to be the best of me

You have made me a better lover of me

Your love for me is a blessing indeed for me

I’ll keep you forever this I say from deep inside of me


My promise
my promise of love is eternal
what I feel for you is from my internal
I love you beyond your external
the way I love you is abnormal
I love you like I love me that's normal
just want to say I do let’s make it formal


When I think of you I write a rhyme
When I dream of you I write a song
My promise is to love you all the time
And I pray our love never go wrong

My heart beats in syllables that spell your name

You is the one I want, any other will drive me insane

Till the end of time my love for you will remain


You light up my world

You are the light of my fire

You rock my world

I’ll love you forever not to ever retire

You are my gift from God

Keep you in my heart forever



A rolling stone gathers no moss

But I’ll stay with you and I’ll count no loss

You are my first choice not a gamble

The love I show to you is just a preamble

I’ll stay responsible to our love


I love you it shows in my eyes

Trust me am done with game and lies

When you come close I get butterflies

You light up my world like a night timed filled with fireflies

I just wanna say I do looking into your eyes


I’m on a love journey

From which I don’t plan to return

My love for you is an investment

From which I plan to get no returns

What I do for you I do for love

I just wanna love you better

Whenever you hungry I wanna be your bread and your butter

Your strength when you are weak

Your sweet lollipop always available for you to lick.


I hold you in high esteem
You and I we make the finest team
I’ll shower you with love and form a stream
To prove my love I’ll go the extreme


The beauty of your smile
Got me going the extra mile
Like the clear blue sky
So is the love I see in your eyes

The closer I get to you

The more I realize how sweet love can be

The moment I’m away from you

The more it dawns on me how incomplete I am without you

I want to be there for you

I want you to always be happy you chose me and I chose you


I love you with a love this strong

For you I could pen a love song

No holding back all my love is for you

No letting go I found true love in you

I prayed for this and I have found you


I will express my love to you in lyrics

Love you for you this is not gimmicks

Make you happy you chose me that’s my mission

Keep our love alive that’s my commission

I’ll give you my 100% love and attention



I love you with so much passion
Like love is going out of fashion
Friends forever love you forever


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