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My heart is not vacant
since I met you my thought's been going rampant
always in my heart though you far and distant
whenever I miss you i picture you and you come in an instant
change is constant but my love for you is more constant
loving you like a mother loves her infant
I treasure you you're my bride nothing's more important
I did break your heart am a changed man am now repentant
never to go astray to our love am now compliant
other girls want me to them am now resistant
you're a part of me it shows like a breast implant
no distance in my heart you live it's not vacant
i got eyes for only you to other girls i got a repellant
your knight in shining armor ready to walk down the aisle am confident and gallant

Two hearts
our two hearts beat as one
no longer two but together as one
am a winner you are the prize i won
i can be number two as long as you are number one
my shining star you are my number one

However many the colors of the rainbow it’s always beautiful

However far the distance of the sun it shines on us daily

However far I am from you I will always love you dearly

However many the women I see you’ll always be the most beautiful

I just want to be your rainbow and your sunlight


The luckiest girl in the world is me

For in the midst of many, my darling you chose me

Never will I be a problem to you

Believe me I’ll give my everything to you


There shall be no reason to let go off you

Wherever fate leads me I’ll go for you

There shall be no disappointing you

I’ll be a superstar for you

Always will I love you for you

Committed wholly to only you

I love you


This is the woman I love

So blessed to have her she’s a gift from above

I place no one above her

Never to let go off her

Whether near or far always faithful in my love to her


Feelings may die

But our love for each other will stay fly

Forever attracted to you like a flower to a butterfly

Whether low or high

You’ll remain the apple of my eye


Every day
as the sun shines everyday
so will my love stay true all the way
I will love you yesterday today and everyday
my priceless treasure never to throw you away
am sold out and I say it out its you I want to love all the way

No one
no one can love you like I do
to care for you is all I want to do
to love you at all times and be your friend for life
I choose you as bride it’s you I want as wife

I love you so

From you never letting go

Desert or sea for you I’m ready to go

From this heart of mine I truly love you for you


I love you and before the world I’ll tell it

I love you for real never forget it

Take it or leave it the love I got for you believe it

I’m going to love you for life no changing it


My love for you can never be over

My playing around is already over

Your sweetness is what won me over

Now my love for you is flowing over

I’ll stay true to you no changing over


I got eyes for you only

My love for you grows daily

I’ll be crown for your head butter for your bread pillow on your bed

Forever yours always your best friend


Roses are red violets are blue

I’ll be your daily bread I’ll be true to you

Roses are red violet are blue

When life goes red I’ll go green for you

Always your friend always in love with you


Not Blind
my love for you is not blind
it sees all your weakness but it don't mind
want to move ahead with you tired of being behind
I've found true love in you there's nothing more to find

Found Me
love has found me
I was low but love lifted me
never believed in me but love gifted in me
I can’t be stopped am powered by the love in me

Never felt a love so good

Turned my bad to good

Sad was I now am happiest in my neighbourhood

My soul mate my sweet soul food

I will love you when it’s bad and when it’s good


I love myself but I love you better

I love bread but not without butter

You are bread to my life I love you with or without butter


In life’s desert I will be your fresh water

When you want it hot I will be hotter

My other half much better than any other

I’ll love you in cold and in hot whether


I’ll be sugar to your tea, butter to your bread

I’ll be eyes for you to see comfort and pillow for your head

I will be your honey not a bee

Groom when you need to wed

I Promise to love you till the end


You are always in my heart no matter the distance

Always in love with you no matter the instance

Perfect together like Rome and Romans

My love, your brightness is like the sun in brilliance

Love you


I don’t want no surprise
waking to see you every day is big enough a surprise
thought I deserved less but heaven gave me a surprise
the sun sets everyday but with you in my life
my sun is always on the rise


You don't have to understand me
I'll understand you that will be good for you and me
in your mind how do you see me?
An inconsiderate buffoon? No that's not me
It’s you & I not you and me
but I chose me cos i want you to understand me
this is not word play you just need to know me
irreconcilable differences? No that's a selfish me
I'll reconcile us so we can still have you and me
without you there's no me
cos i may die of boredom as a lonely me
there's a me in you and there's you in me
if you're patient you'll understand me
but if you don't I'll understand you I promise me -


The closer I get to you

The more I fall in love with you

The more I fall in love with you

The more I can’t live my life without you

Over and over again will I love you never to break this heart of you


Never to break this heart of you

Ever to make our love brand new

In the morning I will be your dew

To love you in ways many not few

This and more is my commitment and promise to you


My promise and commitment to you is to be the sweetest lover of you

When it’s easy and when it’s hard too

Our one plus one will never become two

No cheating no lying I will forever be true

I love you


You bring out the best in me

You occupy the biggest space in this heart of me

How you fell in love with me is beyond the scope of me


Like an orchestra I’ll follow your direction

My love for you is of a different dimension

My love is for real it’s devoid of bad intention

I’ll shower you with sweet affection

Not to mention I promise you 100% attention

To love you forever that’s my intention

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