Sweet Love Messages for My Sweetheart

Sweet Love Messages, Sweetheart Quotes

Your Love
your love for me does it for me
your love for m

e makes me love even me
perfection is what defines your love for me
I love you & i love you even more for loving me

Like the wordings of a romantic love letter

So are these wordings of mine on paper

I hope it brings cheers and laughter

Our before may be good but better shall be our after


Ours will read like a love letter

No love story will ever be sweeter

Your sweetness can only get sweeter and not bitter

I’m Strong enough to carry you like a weight lifter


I’ll share it on Facebook

I’ll tweet it on twitter

I’ll sign it in the book for worse for better

The sweetness of our love can only get better not bitter


I can be the pencil you can be the sharpener

You can be the verse I can be the chapter

Like 5 and 6 we can be close like Mary and Martha

Just want to be the reason your smile turns to laughter


Other guys may have a crush on you
It's no wonder you choose me what a pressure to place on you
They tried all they can to impress you
But we know all their plan is to undress you
Some even tried to oppress you
Thinking all that will depress you

In all they failed in their plans to have you
you are mine forever I've got no plan to replace you

You spice up my life like curry and thyme

It’s you I want around me all the time

I got eyes for you only to the rest I got no time

Forever yours till the end of time


I love what I hear when I listen to you

I love what I feel when I’m loving you

It’s all about you

I thank God for giving me you


Believe me when I say I’ll love no one else but you

For I find completeness only in you

When God chose to favour me he gave me you

Perfect love is with what I love you


My memories of you won’t fade

My commitment to you won’t change

However far apart from you I can’t separate

Forever close to you like seven and eight

Our union shall we one day celebrate


Happy is how your love makes me feel

Certain is how my love for you is

More than the hugs more than the kiss

I’m committed to you this is a done deal


I fell in love with you
Now with a broken leg you say am no match for you
After all I suffered for you
You still ignore me saying all that is not enough for you
Now I ask what is left to do
You say except am ready to die for you
Am not the one for you
After all Jesus already died for you

For all time is my devotion to you

No fading away no eroding of my love for you

No lying no cheating on you

This is my promise and certain commitment to you

I love you


I finally found you

True love is what I’ll show you

Responsible is what I’ll be to you

Happy you chose me will be the constant emotion of you

For I’ll never break my promise to you


To grow old with you is what I desire

To love you in my youth and when I retire

I love you beyond your looks and your attire

No quenching this you are the light of my fire


With you around me I’m alright

Me without you is not right

Together we are Mr and Mrs Right

I’ll love you all day and all night


I love you with all of me

And all of me is in love with all of you

Loving you right is all I want to do

I pledge to you all of me

The other day I asked for your number
you snubbed me say what have you to do with a plumber
now am with the winning lotto number
And that is when you remember
your bore hole is bad can I please be your plumber

You are killing me softly

Dying is not how I feel but lovely

Boring is not who you are but lovely

You make my house a home you are homely


Your Sweetness
even in a sad mood
I think of you and a bad mood turns good
on the saddest of days
I picture your beautiful face
and your sweetness brings smile to my face always

Clearly and obviously you is the one I love dearly

The declaration of my love for you is what I do openly

No hiding no pretending

For all time I’ll be loving you surely


Like the sweetness of honey

So is your love for me

Like the succulence of nectar

So is my love for you

To love you better is my promise to you

Happy are you having me as a lover of you


Dangerously in love with you

Dangerous living is a life of me without you

I’ll do the dangerous to prove my love for you

Seriously serious is my commitment to you


My love for you is more than feeling

Beyond words I’ll be doing not saying

When it’s inconvenient it’s you I’ll still be loving

More than saying my love for you I’ll be showing


To live life without you is like eating rice with no stew

I love my life with you

And I want to live the rest of it with you

No changing it I love you


Others may want lobster and a plate of rice
All I need do is look into your eyes
And am filled like a big pot of cooked rice
But while I look into your eyes
I don't mind a taste of that plate of hot rice


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