Sweet Lovely Birthday Message for Girlfriend

Birthday Message for Girlfriend

You’ve been a friend like no other

Your love for me has endured every weather

As you celebrate today in peace joy and laughter

May your life get better as you start a new chapter

I love you and I wish you a sweet birthday

Its at times like this my love for you gets higher

Darling I wish you a happy birthday

May you remain a high flyer

Sweetheart your life will be joyful

Your promotion will get higher

Sweet birthday wishes from your lover like no other


Your smile and laughter today is so infectious

Its your birthday my love and I pray your life will remain delicious

May things work according to plan for you

I love you and this is my sweet birthday message to you


Roses are red violets are blue

You are year older today happy birthday to you

Roses are red violets are blue

On days like this I want to show my love the more to you

You have been a great companions I pray God will not be far from you

Happy birthday dear


This birthday message is for my girlfriend

May the love we share not come to an end

Happy birthday darling your years will be many and your happiness will not come to an end

I wish you the sweetest birthday ever I will love you till my life comes to an end


I see love in your eyes

Our future together looks bright and it shows in your eyes

May your life experience beauty better than that of butterflies

May your promotion come quickly may you see your blessings with your eyes

Happy birthday to you my sweet angel eyes


Eagles don’t crawl they fly in the sky

Happy birthday dear may your limit not be the sky

Laughter will not leave your life may you have no reason to cry

I love you darling and may our love never die

Happy birthday


Darling the sky wont be your limit

Your life will get better your promotion will have no limit

May you celebrate many more birthdays and may your enemies not believe it

Large and beautiful is my gift for you I hope you will gladly receive it

Wish you a wonderful birthday darling

Your years will be long and in good health shall you live it


My beautiful damsel its your birthday today

Goodness will come into your life today to stay

Your helper shall locate you they shall not wander away

May your promotion come quickly without delay


Sweetheart you mean the world to me

You have remained a dear friend to me

Happy birthday my love accept these birthday wishes from me

May happiness always be your portion may success be always close to thee

Lovely Birthday Message


May life bring you warmth and sunshine

May you not be offline when you need to be online

May you birthday celebrations bring you memorable memories for a lifetime

I wish you a lovely birthday


May this day be full of fun and happiness

May you live many more years full of love joy and happiness

I wish you a glorious birthday celebrations as you spread the sweetness and happiness


As you grow older in years

May you receive strength to overcome your fears

May you live more years in joy and not tears

Lovely birthday wishes to you cheers


I wish you a lovely birthday with wonderful years ahead

As you grow older may you always be ahead

May the oil of gladness never dry off from your head

Enjoy your day, celebrate and let the worries out of your head


Lovely is how I wish your birthday to be

Fun filled is how I wish your day to be

On this day of joy goodness is what your eyes shall see

On this day of celebration and beyond success is what your portion shall be

Happy birthday


Happy are you today and it shows

Happy shall you be your whole life your door happiness shall not close

I wish you a lovely birthday

May beauty surround your life like a garden of beautiful red rose


The joy in your eyes is indescribable\

Your rise to greater success shall be unstoppable

I thank God for you your been alive is unexplainable

Happy birthday may God make you bigger


 As you celebrate your birthday today

I hope you can look back and thank God for been alive today

May the things and people that bring you joy not be taken away

Happy birthday enjoy your day what more can I say


May today be the beginning of years more wonderful

May your years be glorious and colorful

And to God who kept you alive we are grateful

Lovely birthday wishes to you


You have been a wonderful person to those around you

The light of your love has reached those even far from you

I wish you a happy birthday filled with warmth, love and may the countenance of God’s love be upon you

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