Sweet Romantic Loving Messages for My Cute Girlfriend

Love Messages for your Girlfriend, Cute Quotes for Cute Girlfriend

On that day I will say I do
On that day I will make a vow to you
On that day I will tell the world I want to be with you
Never to leave you
Never to doubt you
Never to ever stop falling in love with you

You are an angel in human skin

I feel blessed to be touching that skin

Your beauty is skin deep

My love for you is this deep

You come close my heart beat skips

My plan is to love you for keeps


Through highs and lows

The depth of our love shows

Through thick and thin

I’ll stay in love with you even God knows


Am the lamp you are the holder

Our love shines bright without a lamp holder

Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder

Your beauty is beyond words you blow away every beholder

Am blessed to be your hand holder

Love you for a lifetime in my youth and when am older


When opposition rise our love will stand secure

I love you for real and for sure

Keep your mind at rest and be rest assured

Am here to stay no running way


Am not perfect I may hurt you

Believe me I still love you

In my imperfection I will go out of my way for you

For a gem as priceless as you

You are the best I love the personality of you


I can’t help it
The way I feel I can’t hide it
For you I will I can’t stop it
My promise to you I won’t break it
Love you forever I won’t change it


What will I become if I ever lose you?

On bended knees I ask the forgiveness of you

Nothing matters to me than your love for me

I thank God every day for given you to me


I love you one hundred percent

My love for you will never grow old it will ever stay recent

For the gentleness and the sweetness of you

I will give my all to be the best for you


My love for you will keep on coming

No holding back my love it’s you I wanna be loving

Sweet love I got for you just wanna satisfy your longing


I plan to grow old with you

No plan to be the heartbreaker of you

Just wanna love you the way true love should do


I’ll love you today better than I did yesterday

You inspire me to be the best of me

You have made me a better lover of me

Your love for me is a blessing indeed for me

I’ll keep you forever this I say from deep inside of me


My promise
my promise of love is eternal
what I feel for you is from my internal
I love you beyond your external
the way I love you is abnormal
I love you like I love me that's normal
just want to say I do let’s make it formal


You are sweet but not sixteen
Sweeter than a lot of girls still sixteen
After all this time we're still in love like we are sixteen
Love you forever even when our child is sixteen

On break
our love is never on break
your heart is not in my plan to break
It's your face I want to see every time I wake
Give me your hand in marriage that's all I want to take

Our love is like a play we are the characters

I feel like a book and you are the chapters

Our book of love is with unending chapters

Favour found me when you chose me in the midst of others


Seeing you happy makes me happy

Seeing you go from sad to glad makes me really glad

You can be the mum I can be the dad

We look good together may we never go bad


You give my life a face without you am faceless

You give my life sense without you am senseless

Losing you would be senseless

For your are a jewel to treasure you are priceless

I’ll love you until I go breathless


One plus one is two

The love of you and I is true

I need no one else but you

For the better half of me is you

My heartbeat is you and to live the rest of my life with you is what I want to do


You love me and I love you too

I found true love in you

No one else loves me like you do

Only God means more to me than you


Our love is sweet, sweet like an apple
our love is great good enough as an example
Love so pure fit for a temple
I treasure you, your heart I won't trample


I see the stars in your eyes
I think of you I get butterflies
My life your love beautifies
I will take the risk for you I'll compromise
Just to say I do while I look in your eyes

New is how our love feels everyday

Steadfast is how I’ll stay all the way

Sweet is how you’ve been day by day

Forever will I love you yesterday today and everyday


I love you never to change my mind

True love that sees not in any way blind

I see your good and I see your bad but I don’t mind

Never to go away I’m like the window and you are the blind

Love you dearly


My heart skips a beat when you touch me

Cold and lonely is how it feels when you are not beside me

Your love has touched the very depth of me

Loving you to the best of me

Is all that matters to me


Am captured by your love like I broke the law

This is nothing like I’ve felt before

Beyond the feelings I just want to love you the more

I love you dearly and you is the one I adore


Loving you makes me feel complete

The vacuum of my life is what your love completes

Me without you is like a house that’s not complete

I love you and with this nothing can compete

True to God
You are like a gift I got from God
True to God
My love is true take me for my word
True to God
I will do all it takes to show I love you even if it’s to shed my blood

All your heart breaks leave in past tense
Am here to love you live in present tense
I can't hide it this is too intense
Let me love you bring down your defense
Forget your heart breaks no need to revenge

Goodbye is hard to say when saying it to you

Sleeping is hard to do when am doing it without you

Happy is how I feel when good moments are spent with you

I love you and I bet you do too


Waking up beside you is a dream come true

Watching you sleep interest me than a dozen love movie

To love you for long is the plan, I can never be through

Our love story is a classic better than the greatest love movie


Like a bee that cannot make honey

So am I without my sweetheart my honey

Living without you is not cool and funny

I’ll chose you above material things and money

For with you I’m richer than I  can ever be with money


The end of our love is not in sight

The brightness of our love is like the sunlight

Our love twinkles like the stars not like the flash of torchlight

Honey you are my superstar I see you in limelight


I love you today better than I did yesterday nothing has changed

No longer am I the same my life has changed

For to my life you have been a catalyst

Perfect is our love no need for an analyst


She's the queen of my heart
Close to my heart even when we're far apart
we stay together even when things fall apart


I caused u the pain
took away the sun I made it rain
I broke your heart and what did I gain
made you mad now am going insane
am on fire like I crashed the airplane

My love for you is not a waste of your time

When am with you I lose track of time

My love is long term not part time

I’ll love you now and for a lifetime


I think of you this big

But my plans for you is much bigger

I love you this big but my plan to love you forever is much bigger

Alone by myself I’m this big

Together with you I’m much bigger

I Love you


You have been a blessing to me

Favour is what found me

When you first said hi to me

I love you more than life is to me

Forever to cherish the day you said yes to me


You said YES to me but NO to others

I’ll give my all to you and none to others

Never to regret you said yes your happiness is all that matters


The day you said ‘’I DO’’

My ‘’ME’’ changed to ‘’YOU’’

The center of my world now is God and ‘’YOU’’

You are dear to me this heart of mine now beats for ‘’YOU’’

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