Sweet Romantic Poems | Romantic Words for Her

Sweet Poems, Sweet Words for Her, Say I Love You Sweetly

We belong together

Undying love binds us together

Like birds of the same feather

Forever we shall flock together


I love you nothing else matters

To me only God and you matters

Like verses and chapters

We go well together like twin sisters


To love you for life

That’s my promise to you

You beautify my life

So glad to be loved by you

To live as husband and wife

That’s the future I want with you


You make my house a home

You’ve made my heart your home

With you I feel at home

I need you like a homeless man needs a home


Your love has been a blessing

I love you dearly for no reason

I will love you in all weather and all season

I will the spice your life needs like a good seasoning


I can be light in your darkness
though not as God the royal highness,
am your prince and you are my royal princess,
your price is far above rubies and you are too priceless.

My heart yearn for my better half
without her am like a company without staff,
I miss my soul mate
like a student with no classmate,
miss you but I love you more

I love you so much

Like a pastor loves his church

I need you so much

Like a sinner needs a good church

More than words I love you

For a lifetime I will be true to you


Sweet things remind me of you

The sweetness of you keeps me coming back to you

Beautiful things remind me of you

The beauty and sincerity of you

Makes me love and want more of you

I love you I really do


I mean the world to you

But you mean much more to me

My world is built around you

You are the better half of me

And you bring out the best in me


I will be here for you to hold

I will be your silver I will be your gold

I will stand by you in situations untold

The depth of my love for you is yet to unfold


Though situations may change

My love for you will never change

Though I get older and my body change

My dedication to you will get stronger my commitment to you wont change


Love you with a love so big my soul mate,
I cherish you with a passion so deep my best friend,
love you more everyday
our love feels new every day

How can I not miss you
when my missing rib is in you ,
how can I not love you
when what compliments me is carried by you
how can I not pray for you
when you pray for me too,
have a nice day

As you switch on you switch on to life and love,
you switch unto Him who reigns above,
to our love made in heaven above,
may the lord shine His light on you and to those in your abode ,
love you.


To the love of my life
my soon to be wife
I say thank you for your patient,
for your humility
for your trust and understanding love
for the time we have been together,
how can I not love you
wish us many more years as best friends lovers , companions, and partner in progress.
To my princess that is priceless.

I will stay true to you

However high the price I will keep loving you

I will stay glued to you

However hard it gets I won’t separate from you

I love you and this will always remain true


I love you more than words can convey

I will care for you whether night or day

Through thick and thin with you I will stay

Whether good or bad our love will last all the way


I love you enough to be a fool for you

I love you enough to go out of my way for you

For you I will however hard the deal

For you I will no matter how terrible I feel


More than words I will love you

More than words I will prove my love to you

You mean the world to me I will show it

My love is yours to receive I keep it

More than I love me, I love you believe it


More than I love me I love you

I love me more when I am around you

You are a part of me I can’t forget you

I need you more than I want you

And to care for you is all I want to do


So sweet of you my princess,
slept off and saw your text just now,
joy fills my heart when I remember how it all started,
so glad I found you, a future with you is my desire

The love that binds us is stronger
to fulfill our vision, we are stronger
to the shame of the enemy we would be a wonder.
Thank you for believing God in me.
Love you most.

we connect like Siamese twins,
together in the sky we fly with lovers wings,
wish you could hear how my heart sings.
I love you more than words for you I will do many things.

In abundance and in less

I will never love you less

Though it might hurt sometimes

I will love you nevertheless

Not a few times but at all times

I will love you never less


I will love you on and on; I’m tireless

I will be a fool for you: I’m shameless

You will be my treasure; you are priceless

And may our love never die; timeless


In the night time and in the day time

I will be your life seasoning like curry and thyme

In our high time and in our low time

I will bring joy to you all the time


When its easy and when its not

When it’s cold and when it’s hot

Whether like a kettle or whether like a pot

My love for you will change not


Whether I’m in south or I’m in the north

In my heart nothing can diminish your worth

Whether I’m in the west or I’m in the east

You will always mean the world to me you can never be the least


My love can never choke you
it's strong enough to always hold you
I will always love you
that's the best I should always give you
I can never doubt you
you are the best I will always love you

I wrote your name in the skies,
I think of you I get butterflies,
I miss the look of love in your eyes,
I love you not twice but at all times.

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